Perfect Picnic Spots in Cincinnati

Pack the picnic basket, a big blanket, and head out to one of our great picnic spots in Cincinnati! From parks with a view to expansive fields of green, here are some of the best places to enjoy a meal in the great outdoors.

Whether you’re looking for a family friendly outing, a new spot for lunch, or a great date night location, this list is sure to give you some great ideas for new picnic places!

One of the best Cincinnati picnic spots - Smale Riverfront Park
The lawn at Smale Park, a perfect place to picnic!

Smale Riverfront Park:

Location: 166 W Mehring Way, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

It’s one of the best picnic spots in Cincinnati – the lawn at Smale Riverfront Park. You can admire the view of the Ohio River from the lush, green grass in the field. There’s plenty to do here after your picnic, too! There’s a playground close by, swings that will hold adults, picnic tables, beautiful garden areas, and much more. When all the COVID-era restrictions are done, this area is surrounded by a number of spraygrounds (Smale Park’s spraygrounds are currently not operating as of July 12, 2020). And don’t miss Carol Ann’s Carousel (also closed for the time being, last updated July 12).

Things to do at Smale Riverfront Park
A variety of things to do at Smale Riverfront Park

The fields at Ault Park make a great picnic place
The center lawn at Ault Park

Ault Park:

Location: 5090 Observatory Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio 45208

Ault Park is another favorite when it comes to picnic spots in Cincinnati. If you’re ok with spreading out on a blanket, enjoy one of three expansive lawns that look up at the fountain and the beautiful arches of the pavilion (see below). If you’re more of a “give me a table” kind of picnic-er, take a drive around the loop that circles the pavilion and take your pick of tables. Don’t miss the views of Lunken Airport, the BEAUTIFUL gardens, or the trail system.

Extend your day at Ault Park with a side trip to nearby Cincinnati Observatory.

ault park pavilion and fountain
The Ault Park pavilion and fountain

Picnic table amongst the spring Blooms at Eden Park
Eden Park in the spring at the lawn near the Krohn Conservatory

Eden Park:

Location: 950 Eden Park Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45202

There’s so much to love about Eden Park. Pick your picnic spot on the lawn around Mirror Lake, the tables at the gardens near The Krohn Conservatory, or enjoy the view of the Ohio River from the overlook. Extend your outing with a visit to The Cincinnati Art Museum or visit the new Art Climb.

Picnic on the grass at Eden Park's at Mirror Lake
Eden Park at Mirror Lake

Picnic tables at Sharon Woods
one of many picnic areas at Sharon Woods

Sharon Woods:

Location: 11450 Lebanon Rd, Sharonville, Ohio 45241

Sharon Woods has sooooo many spots that are perfect for a picnic! Enjoy the covered tables that are near the Visitor’s Center, just above the lake, or the covered tables that are on the edge of the playground (perfect for families). The park has multiple shelters and multiple picnic tables, all around the park.

Extend your visit with some fun at one of the playgrounds, take a hike on one of the trails, or sit along the edge of the creek and admire the waterfall. Take advantage of all the fun this park has to offer – check out the map here.

Note: This park is part of the Great Parks of Hamilton County and you will need a motor vehicle sticker to enter the park. They sell the passes at a kiosk at the entrance to the park.

Reflections on the creek at Sharon Woods
the waterfall at Sharon Woods

Alms Park Pavilion

Alms Park:

Location: 710 Tuscululm Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45226

For another park with a gorgeous river view, look no further than Alms Park. This park sits at the top of a hill, overlooking the spot where the Little Miami meets the Ohio River. And for a bit of historic perspective, this is the land where “The Father of American Wine Making” Nicholas Longworth produced his Catawba wine before the Civil War.

Picnic at Alms Park