Splash Pads in Cincinnati

If you’re looking for a way to cool off this summer, you’re lucky to be in Cincinnati! Whether you call it a Splash Pad or a Splash Park or a Sprayground, our fabulous local park systems have a number of wonderful options from which to choose.

children playing at a sprayground within Smale Park, downtown Cincinnati
one of multiple splash pads located at Smale Park

If you know of any spray parks we missed, please be sure to leave us a tip in the comment section (or email it to Bridgett directly)

City of Cincinnati Parks Splash Pads:

  • Washington Park: free; open 10am-10pm, April – Oct., 2022
  • Smale Riverfront Park: free; open 10am – 9pm; opens May 30, 2022
  • Armeleder Memorial Sprayground at Sawyer Point: free; open 10am-9pm, opens May 30, 2022 from Cincinnati Parks: “Unfortunately, the Otto Armleder Spray Ground is closed for the 2022 season due to maintenance issues. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Be sure to visit Smale Park or Washington Park spray grounds instead!”
sawyer point water playground

Great Parks of Hamilton County* Splash Pads:

kids playing in the wet playground at Gorman Park
Gorman Park Splash Pad

Splash Pads Sprinkled Around the City:

Gorman Park (NEW for 2022): Gorman Park has gone through some recent renovations and a new addition for the park is a splash pad. The spray ground will be open 10am-8pm this summer.

Beech Acres: One of the Anderson Twp. Parks, Beech Acres sprayground (image above) is pretty tame – perfect for littles. Their site says “Open 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Scheduled to be turned on by Memorial Day Weekend…”

Beech Acres Splash Pads
Beech Acres Splash Pad

Clippard Park’s Sprayground (Colerain) is open from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day weekend, 11am-7pm daily. This sprayground has motion activiated features and has shaded seating areas.

Home of the Brave Park (Symmes Twp.): One of our favorites, this park’s water features are open daily starting on Memorial Day, 11am-7pm. There are a few benches in the shade with surrounding shady spots if you’d like to bring your own chair.

kids playing in the water at Home of the Brave Park
Home of the Brave Park

Juilfs Park: is another Anderson Park District park and offers seasonal water play from 10 a.m.- 8 p.m. (scheduled to be turned on by Memorial Day Weekend and turned off after Labor Day weekend).

Liberty Center (shopping, food, movies, etc.) has a small water feature that’s great for little ones.

The City of Cincinnati Recreation Commission has Spraygrounds at the following parks

Click here for more info on each of the parks. Some pools are reportedly closed in 2022 due to staffing issues so be sure to call ahead.

Per the City of Cincinnat website, the spraygrounds are open from 10am to 9pm. In addition, it states “spraygrounds are available at no charge and do not require memberships”.

College Hill
North Fairmont
Pleasant Ridge
South Fairmont

Sprayground in Hamilton, Ohio
Hamilton’s Jim Grimm Park

Hamilton (the city) Parks have loads of spray parks!

They are open daily between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends.

All Hamilton Parks spraygrounds and wet playgrounds are open, 11am-7pm.

  • Benninghofen Park
  • Booker T. Washington Center
  • Crawford Woods
  • Jim Grimm Park
  • L.J. Smith Park / North End
  • Marcum Park
  • Milliken Woods

Great Parks of Hamilton County requires a motor vehicle permit for entrance to the parks. The stickers are sold at the welcome booths as you enter, visitor centers and online. 2022 pricing is $10 annual for Hamilton County residents; $16 annual for out of county residents.

13 thoughts on “Splash Pads in Cincinnati”

  1. Beech Acres Park – Anderson Township Park District. Has a small splashpark as part of their playground. Free admission.

  2. At Smale there is one public bathroom across a busy intersection by the play area and Washington Park has them in the play area right next to the fountain.

  3. There are multiple restrooms in and around Carol Ann’s Carousel, which are very close to the splash areas of Smale Riverfront Park.

  4. Home of the Brave park in Loveland has a small splash park. Bathrooms and dry playground nearby. Free

  5. The park is open but the indoor section is still closed (as of June, 2022). The sprayground for Parky’s is actually at Winton Woods and it’s open this year.

  6. Pleasant Ridge CRC splash pad is open to public when the pool is not open. The entrance for that is via an exterior gate that is locked when once the pool opens. But the actual splash pad is open in the mornings before the pool opens at noon. Not sure actual open and close times, but my kids play there in the mornings before naps.

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