365 Cincinnati – a trusted Cincinnati brand! Hop on board with us to stretch your marketing budget and create flexible, targeted digital campaigns designed to reach our local Cincinnati readers.

365 Cincinnati Overview and Audience Snapshot:

The 365 Cincinnati brand (website and social channels, 125,000+ strong) has connected Cincinnati lovers from all of the city, the area, and the country since 2010. The brand gives us all a place to come together to celebrate and enjoy everything that makes Cincinnati the great city that it is.

  • 365Cincinnati.com (100k+ pageviews/month) – the definitive guide to all of the best things to do in Cincinnati and surrounding areas. Most of our content is found via Google (people searching with intent). We put great effort into our SEO (search engine optimization) which results in top rankings for most of the popular Cincinnati “things to do” terms.
  • 365Cincinnati on Facebook (110,000+ “followers”) – daily highlights featuring things to do in Cincinnati. See @365Cincinnati on Facebook.
  • 365Cincinnati on Instagram (13,000+ “followers”) – showcasing what makes Cincinnati great. See @365Cincinnati on Instagram.
  • 365Cincinnati Newsletter (7000 subscribers – no dead weight in there; we clean it up often!) – goes out 5 times a week; full of useful daily info; 50%+ open rate = 10,000 actual views per week!

Ways We Can Help:

Our all digital platform allows us to work nimbly and quickly, adapting to the changing landscape. We stay on top of best practices, work hard to personally connect with our readers, and deliver great content.

Event Promotion:
Working with us on your event promotion is all about getting your message in front of our hyper-targeted local audience of people looking for things to do in Cincinnati. We offer event digital marketing expertise from start to finish. We work with you to get the word out and build excitement for your event via email, sponsored placements, social media, and ad services.

Social Media Campaigns:
Let us introduce your business/event to our 125,000+ local social followers. Work with us to be featured in an organic, fun way via our influential social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook.

Giveaways, Email and Onsite Exposure:
We have an audience full of Cincinnati locals looking for the best of Cincinnati, people who would love to support your local business. Let us help you connect with them via a giveaway, inclusion in our email newsletter, or on our website.

Custom Campaigns Designed Just for You / Partner Packages:
Let us help promote your business to our active, engaged audience. We will work with you to come up with a content plan created just for your business, allowing you to connect with our local audience in a unique and personal way by telling a story with sponsored content and placement.

We’d love to talk to you about partnering with 365 Cincinnati.