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Today is Day 105 of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and today we’re at Ault Park, one of the wonderful Cincinnati Park System parks.

ault park cincinnati parks

Ault Park is an absolutely gorgeous park – with tremendous stone buildings, massive staircases and a cascading water feature.  Just look at this beauty…

ault park cincinnati parks

The Pavilion, as seen at the top of the picture above, was dedicated in 1930. I didn’t realize it while I was there but evidently it’s possible to go up to the top of the Pavilion where you can enjoy a 360 degree view of the incredible land that surrounds the area.  I would love to do that… does anyone happen to know when/if they allow that?

ault park cincinnati parks

Just imagine how breathtaking the view from the top of the Pavilion must be if this is the view from the edge of the park (above)!  Above you’ll see the view from the edge of an Ault Park picnic grove.  When you’re under the terrace you can see Lunken Airport and its landing strips off to the right.  It’s an absolutely gorgeous view.

ault park gardens cincinnati

The architecture and the view are not the only stars of the show at Ault Park.  Ault Park has an “Adopt a Plot” program that allows gardeners to plant sections along the edges of the field shown above.  The formal garden areas at Ault Park are blooming and gorgeous in the summer.

ault park adopt a plot gardening

The land that is now Ault Park used to be a vineyard area.  Ault Park was named in memory of Ida May Ault and Levi Addison Ault, her husband.  The original 142-acre piece  of land was donated to the city in 1911.  9 additional lots were later gifted by the Aults to the City of Cincinnati.

Ault Park has lots of space for picnicing under the shade of their gorgeous tree specimens.  Take a walk on the trails or walk the fields to enjoy the gardens.  They have numerous picnic tables and child play areas as well.

Ault Park is located at 5090 Observatory Avenue
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9 thoughts on “Ault Park”

  1. I believe you can always go to the top of the Pavilion as long as there isn’t an event going on. We just got married at Ault Park! It was beautiful!

  2. I live in the Fl. keys, Cinny was my hometown,You able to walk to top on right looking at yard.I loved the top are,whole different view. Nancy

  3. Just visited Ault Park today it was absolutely gorgeous! Plus my husband and I were blessed with seeing a couple get engaged there today ! It was a moment I will never forget!

  4. I love the beauty and immense detail of Ault Park. I go all the time at different times of the day. Each time period brings its own unique show. In the morning when the sun says hello, in the afternoon comes a gentle breeze, and the evening show introducing the moon with its companions the stars. No matter what time I go to Ault Park, it is beautyful and full of joy that can ease any day.

  5. The Premier event that benefits the Arthritis Foundation is the Concours DeElegance. A classic car spectacular that eclipses Pebble Beach in one respect. No “just for show” cars here. You must be able to drive them. Usually held weekend near Father’s Day. While I loved your comments about the Milford “cruise in”, that I, too love, you MUST see the Concours.

  6. I was born in Mt. Lookout in upper Delta Ave. back in the forties. Ault Park was the greatest. We played football in the fifties there, hung out there in the sixties and danced at night when they had entertainment. I now live in Pinellas County in Florida and it’s great to see the park looking great.

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