Things to Do for Mother’s Day in Cincinnati

Looking for something special to do on Mother’s Day?  Here are a few ideas for some great local fun.

All events are for Mother’s Day 2020 in Cincinnati, Ohio. And Mother’s Day is May 10, 2020 by the way.  🙂

Mother's Day Ideas for Cincinnati

Please be sure to check your event’s website on the day of your event as things do change.

6 thoughts on “Things to Do for Mother’s Day in Cincinnati”

  1. My Daughter has a Special Needs Child. Going thru a Divorce. Would Love to Show Her Butterfly Exibit

  2. I haven’t been to the Krohn Conservatory, but am thinking of going for Mother’s Day this year. I will be traveling about 90 minutes to get there and don’t want to be disappointed if there is a long wait. Does anyone know if it is very crowded usually on Mother’s Day.

    Thank You

  3. I volunteer at the Butterfly Show about once a week. Weekends are fairly crowded. When there is a line, 10 minutes is about the average wait. The warmer and sunnier it is, the more active the butterflies are. Worth the trip.

  4. There is a line to get in, but due to the way they let people in once you get inside it is not crowded. Since you walk through the conservatory almost single file, and they only let so many people in, it is still nice once you get into the building.

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