Enjoying the Day at Summit Park in Blue Ash

Oh, Blue Ash Parks, you certainly know how to do a park right!!!

Located in Blue Ash, Summit Park spans 130 acres and includes playgrounds, a dog park, fantastic restaurants, walking trails, bike rentals, a VERY large lawn space, an observation tower, and so much more!

Let’s start off with a look at the playgrounds at Summit Park…

Summit Park has multiple playground areas. Our current favorite is the Naturescape Playground. This area (as seen above) can be found close to the Observation Tower. Here you’ll find loads of sand to dig in, lots of natural “stuff” to climb on, swings, a zip line, and more.

Naturescape at Summit Park in Blue Ash

Summit Park has another playground (closer to the restaurant area) that is split into two zones – one for the bigger kids and one for pre-schoolers.

Overview of playground at Summit Park in Blue Ash

There’s plenty to climb on, over, and through.

Play Structure at Summit Park in Blue Ash

They have hills to slide down and climb up (synthetic grass covers the hills). They have slides and a small rock climbing wall too.

Overview of play area at Summit Park in Blue Ash
Rock wall at Summit Park in Blue Ash

And there’s a perfect playground for kids 2-5 years old to explore. The slides are a bit more tame, there’s a teeter-totter type ride, and lots of stuff for littles to climb on.

Playstructure for littles at Summit Park in Blue Ash

This playground area does have a few picnic tables and plenty of seating for the grown-ups. They have a few water fountains and the bathrooms are right there too.

Inside the play structure at Summit Park in Blue Ash

Walk or Bike the Trails at Summit Park:

If you’d like to get some exercise yourself, plan to walk or bike along the trails. There’s a paved trail that circles the park.

biking and walking trails at Summit Park in Blue Ash

Off that you’ll find a few different trails that are softer gravel.

Walking trails at Summit Park in Blue Ash

Don’t miss the Fun on the West Side of Summit Park:

Over towards the dog park area you’ll find a mulched trail that meanders through the woods (short and sweet).

Wooded trail at Summit Park in Blue Ash

That trail lets out right by a nice park area that has lots of benches, picnic tables, and a permanent cornhole set-up (bring your own bags).

Cornhole at Summit Park in Blue Ash

And adjacent to that you’ll find a dog park.

Dog park at Summit Park in Blue Ash

The parking lot on the west side of the park is painted with “roads” that the kids will enjoy biking along.

And you’ll also find the entrance to the Observation Tower on the west end of the park.

the Observation Tower at Summit Park

You can go to the top of the Observation Tower via an elevator or steps. There is no charge to do so. From the top, you can see downtown Cincinnati, the Eiffel Tower at Kings Island, Mount Rumpke, and Top Golf!

Come Hungry and Enjoy the Restaurants at Summit Park:

Summit Park currently offers three great places to enjoy lunch or dinner. Senate has its location here at Summit Park. You will also find The Brown Dog Cafe and Tahona Kitchen and Bar here.

The park is part of the Blue Ash D.O.R.A. (designated outdoor refreshment area) so you’ll be able to walk the park, drink in hand. Just remember you need a special DORA cup to enjoy alcohol in the park (available at participating restaurants in the park).

There’s plenty of parking in the various lots around the park. No park sticker is required.

Patio on the lawn at Summit Park in Blue Ash

And there’s still more to come! This park area is still under construction in spots and they have a lot of features that will open over the next few years.

You can find Summit Park in Blue Ash, 4335 Glendale-Milford Road

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  1. W e love Summit Park!
    Be sure to bring lots of sunscreen-besides that trail in the woods, there’s no shade.
    There is a great ice cream shop (Nanny Belles) that also sells snacks. And they have Dole Whip in pineapple and strawberry flavors-Disney fans will know what a treat that is!

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