Spring Blossoms at Eden Park

Spring has definitely arrived in Cincinnati!

Spring is in full bloom at Eden Park in Cincinnati, Ohio

I had the pleasure of visiting the Krohn Conservatory today for a peek at the 2014 Butterfly Show. When I pulled into Eden Park I was surprised and amazed by all of the flowers and blooming trees.

Flowers along the path at Eden Park, close to Krohn Conservatory
Buds on a magnolia tree at Eden Park in Cincinnati Ohio

Not to be outdone by the trees, the daffodils were putting on a show all their own. Daffodils cover the hills and fields all around the Krohn Conservatory.

Daffodils at Eden Park in Cincinnati

And the smell! The air just smelled of spring!

Flowering trees along the path at Eden Park
Flowering magnolias at Eden Park, close to the Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati Ohio

This almost makes up for the 50″ of snow this winter. Well, not really, but we’ll take it!

pink magnolia bud at Eden Park

Pictures were taken on April 11, 2014 at Eden Park.
This particular field of flowering beauty sits right next to the Krohn Conservatory.

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3 thoughts on “Spring Blossoms at Eden Park”

  1. I am Anna Marie Stewart Hoffman. Born at home on Clay St. in Cincinnati. Live in Tx., Enjoy seeing your post. Makes me homesick to. LOL LOL . I am now 72 so I just have to keep memories with family photos’ alive. I enjoyed the Cincinnati zoo and going to school . Parents were Clyde and Euna Belle Stewart. First place I remember living was on May st. . Had family living up the street as well. We lived on 3rd floor above Si’s grocery. Ronnie Padgett was my friend that also lived in the building. Della Rose was my friend that lived up the street . Mary Ann Whitmer, Vogt was also my child hood friend. She and hubby live in Flo. now. Took my hubby David to visit in 97. He passed away Aug. 8th of last year. We met in 57 in Houston Tx. We were 14. Missing him so much. My soul mate. God seen fit to let me spend the rest of his life beside him.

  2. Oh, Anna, what a wonderful comment! It warms my heart! I am glad that you’re enjoying getting to see your hometown. I am going to go to Clay and May Streets and take some pictures for you soon so you can see what it’s like today. Do you remember any of your house numbers?

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