Spring Fun Guide – Things to Do in Cincinnati this Spring

As the weather warms up and things start to bloom and grow, we all feel the need to just get outside. Here are some of our favorite spots to enjoy Cincinnati in the spring.

spring blooms at spring grove cemetery

Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum Tours: This has to be one of my personal favorites things to do for spring. Spring Grove Cemetery is a rather large cemetery and is also an arboretum. The plantings, both trees and gardens, are amazing. Spring is especially beautiful with multiple huge tulip beds, daffodils, flowering cherry trees and much more. Their tours are almost all free and vary in scope.  Click the link at the beginning for this section to learn more.

Eden Park in the Spring

Eden Park: One of the magnificent Cincinnati Parks, Eden Park is a show-stopper when the trees start to bloom. Park near the Krohn Conservatory and walk the path that leads down to the gazebo. The flowering trees are spectacular! Click the link at the beginning of this section to learn more about Eden Park.

Butterfly Show at the Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati, Ohio
The Butterfly Show at the Krohn Conservatory

The Butterfly Show at the Krohn Conservatory will be open starting May 18, 2024. The Butterfly Show has a new theme each year and the theme for 2024 is “Butterflies in Space”.

spring blooms at Cincinnati Zoo

The Cincinnati Zoo is a great place to enjoy the animals but it’s also a wonderful place to spend a day enjoying the flowers of spring. Enjoy the some fun live music at the Cincinnati Zoo’s “Tunes and Blooms” events, happening each Thursday in the month of April.  “Zoo Blooms” puts the focus on the flowers in the month of April and “Zoo Babies” will be highlighted in the month of May.

Ault Park in the spring
Ault Park

Ault Park is now one of my yearly trips in the spring. The magnolia trees are simply fantastic. The park itself is worth a trip any time of year but the spring visits are always my favorite.

looking out the window at Memorial Hall
A view of Washington Park from a window at nearby Memorial Hall

Events at Washington Park are frequent and abundant come spring. From the Kickball League to free exercise classes on the lawn to “Yappy Hour” with your canine friend, this is one park you need to visit this spring.

PLEASE NOTE: These pictures were all taken prior to spring of 2023. The parks and attractions may or may not be in bloom when you read this.

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  1. I’ve never been to Cincinnati but it’s on my list of places to visit. After seeing your website for several weeks it’s moved up on my list of priorities! Great info!

  2. We love to hear that, Jack! It’s a great place to live and a great place to visit. There’s certainly plenty to do! I hope you’ll make your way here soon.

  3. Thank you for letting me know, Connie. I will add your email personally. If you still don’t get it let me know. Bridgett at 365cincinnati dot com

  4. Hi Sandi,
    I was out at Spring Grove a week and a half ago and they were blooming then. You may have missed them there this year. They do have great office staff – try calling to ask them. I haven’t been to Eden Park in a few weeks. When I was there, the cherry trees weren’t in bloom yet so that might be a better bet.

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