Armeleder Memorial Sprayground at Sawyer Point

Here we are with another installment of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati”!  I have to ask you…. have you discovered the Sprayground at Sawyer Point yet?

armeleder sprayground at sawyer point in cincinnati ohio

I have an admission to make….  I have been to the Serpentine Wall many times.  I love to go to Sawyer Point and Yeatman’s Cove.  But I have never stumbled upon this awesome water park before!  How does that happen?!

armeleder sprayground at sawyer point in cincinnati ohio

I stumbled upon the Spray Ground at Sawyer Point quite by accident.  I had gone down the Ohio River to see The Memphis Queen, a riverboat that had docked there for the afternoon.  It was a gorgeous day, bright and sunny and very cool for August so I decided to explore that park a bit.  And I’m so glad I did!

armeleder sprayground at sawyer point in cincinnati ohio

The water park is located north of the Ohio River and the serpentine wall. The park features a HUGE water spraying fountain that spurts a shower of water into the middle of the park.  For the little ones, there are lots of smaller fountains off to the sides.

armeleder sprayground at sawyer point in cincinnati ohio

There’s a large set of concrete steps and a number of benches for spectators. And when you need to dry off, just take a walk around the Sawyer Point. It’s gorgeous!

sawyer point cincinnati ohio
yeatmans cove cincinnati ohio
sawyer point cincinnati ohio

Sawyer Point is just one of the many wonderful Cincinnati Parks
The park is free (but you may have to pay for parking unless you luck out and find a spot on the street after metering hours)
Located at 705 East Pete Rose Way, downtown

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  • Just curious where there is parking lot. I’m not really familiar with downtown, but can get to the purple people bridge and park in that lot. Would I park there and then go right towards the stadiums…..or is there another parking lot closer?

  • Is there still a waterpark area for children to play in Sawyer Point? I know years ago they did, but haven’t been recently. Thanks!

    • I think where the spray ground is, is where the “waterpark” used to be…..remember the steps had water going down them and where there are sprayers now used to have about 6-8 inches of water. You could go all the way to the top of the steps and there were stepping stones across….

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