Cincinnati Museum Center Hosts Pompeii: The Exhibition

Pompeii, August 24, 79 A.D.: A roaring volcano sends fire and ash into the sky. Pompeii, a thriving port city for the Roman Empire is buried, along with its people.

That same devastating ash and debris from erupting Mount Vesuvius preserved the city for more than 1700 years, allowing you to step back in time and visit this city … frozen in time.

Travel back in time to the morning of the eruption when you enter POMPEII: The Exhibition. As you enter the doors, you’ll immerse yourself into the vibrant commercial port and pivotal military and trading outposts located at the base of the imposing Mount Vesuvius.

woman admiring artifacts included in Pompeii: The Exhibition
photo credit: Cincinnati Museum Center

Discover more than 150 authentic artifacts that will bring this ancient city to life before your eyes. You’ll see unique aspects of life in Pompeii as you admire mosaics and frescoes, armor and weapons, jewelry, medical instruments, tools, household objects and furniture, and more.

artifacts from Pompeii, the Exhibition
artifacts from Pompeii, the Exhibition

This exhibition includes immersive media, artifacts, signage, and interactive stations that will help you understand what it was like to experience “a day in the life” in the ancient city of Pompeii.

statue of a man in a toga from Pompeii, the Exhibition

As you enter, be sure to spend a few minutes at the theater where you can visually set the scene for what you’re about to experience. And then step back in time!

Don’t miss the simulated 4D eruption theater! Experience the deadly impact of the Mount Vesuvius eruption and feel the effect it had on the city.

artifacts from Pompeii, the Exhibition

This amazing collection comes to us from the National Archaeological Museum of Naples in Italy.

POMPEII: The Exhibition will be at Cincinnati Museum Center from February 16 to July 28, 2024.

Exhibition ticket is required.

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