Cincinnati Neighborhood Christmas Lights – Making the Season Bright!

Gas up the car, pack up some fun holiday snacks, and map out your route… because it’s time for Neighborhood Christmas Light Displays! Families all over Cincinnati are doing their best to spread Christmas cheer with some fabulous Christmas light displays!

neighborhood Christmas lights in Cincinnati suburb
Neighborhood Christmas Lights (Hamilton, Ohio)

We spend many nights driving around town to see the lights in December and we’re so thankful to all the homes who take the time to make this happen for us, especially in 2021!

Do you know of a great light show we missed? A house that’s LIT?! Let us know in the comments!

Enjoy this list of neighborhood Christmas light shows, all broken up by area

Please remember that lots of these addresses were submitted by readers and fellow Christmas Lights enthusiasts. These are private homes and may not have their lights on when you arrive. If you discover any inconsistencies with our list, please let us know in the comments so we can correct them. And if you’d be willing to scout out new addresses for us while you’re out, please do!

πŸŽ„=fan favorite
🎡=music at this one!
πŸŽ…=confirmed for 2021
βœ–=will not be displaying in 2021

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Amelia / Withamsville / Bethel
πŸŽ΅πŸŽ… 31 Grouse Drive – The Klanke’s Christmas Estate, this family is collecting unwrapped toys for Toys for Tots, includes musical display to radio station
πŸŽ…49 Fawn Court
πŸŽ…3174 Lindale-Mt. Holly Road
πŸŽ…πŸŽ΅1202 Twin Gate Run (Bennett Family Lights), includes musical display to radio station
56 Robin Way – Lots of inflatables
3914 & 3915 Greentree Terrace
πŸŽ…3753 & 3756 Redthorne Drive
3118 State Route 133 (Bethel, OH)
1736 Starling Rd (Bethel, OH) – 44 blowups and a Christmas Shop onsite
3890 Dieckman Lane

Anderson Area
472 4 Mile Road, includes musical display to radio station
πŸŽ…πŸŽ„757 Eight Mile Road
πŸŽ…πŸŽ„932 Watch Creek Drive
1213 Immaculate Lane
πŸŽ…1756 Pinebluff Lane, includes music (new songs coming early Dec.)
1721 Muskegon Drive (same neighborhood as Pinebluff)
πŸŽ…8496 Shenstone Drive (same neighborhood as Pinebluff)
πŸŽ…1952 Rusticwood Lane – lots of inflatables
7884 Stoneleigh Ln – lots of inflatables
πŸŽ…πŸŽ΅2110 Candlemaker Drive, hours are Sun -Thurs 5:30-10pm and Fri/Sat 5:30-11pm, park on the downside of the hill and tune to 97.5 FM to enjoy
6145 Woodlark Drive
βœ–6344 Coffey Street, includes musical display to radio station
7424 Gungadin Drive
1425 Apple Hill Rd – there’s a plane in the yard!
2250 Regis Court
8006 Meadowcreek – lots of large inflatables and the rest of the street is lit
6748 Pecos Drive

5242 Stonelick Williams Corner
4595 Water Dance Dr.
2327 Pleasant Meadows Dr
2530 Gadwell Lane

Blue Ash Area
4595 Cooper Road
πŸŽ…9491 Wynnecrest Drive

Bridgetown – see Green Township below

πŸŽ…πŸŽ„7211 Fairpark Avenue: EPIC! includes musical display to radio station, should be ready by Dec. 6, 2021

Cheviot and Westwood areas
4111 Homelawn
2874 Dirheim Ave
3049 Verdin Avenue – lights dance to music but no radio station

8944 Harrison Pike

Colerain Township
3022 Aries Court
5790 Blackwolf Run
7209 Austin Woods Lane, includes musical display to radio station
9205 Silva Drive
2751 Overdale Dr
8730 Cheviot Rd., includes a 75′ lit up tree

5373 Maylee Place – multiple houses on the street!

Deerfield Township
3578 Simpson Trace

Deer Park and Dillonvale
7818 Dearborn Avenue
Tramore Drive
3856 & 3824 Mantell – lots of inflatables
4039 Limerick Ave.

5341 Delhi Pike
5125 Whitmore Drive

Eastgate / Mt. Carmel
515 and 522 Kaldy Street
πŸŽ…4226 Deepwood Lane
Rustic Way
446 Glenrose Ln
London Court

906 Linwood Avenue
πŸŽ…πŸŽ„ 1050 Gail Avenue
πŸŽ…1023 Oberlin Dr
964 Antioch Drive, includes musical display to radio station
πŸŽ…899 Shady Lane
πŸŽ…773 Doris Jane Avenue (lots in this neighborhood)
πŸŽ…776 Southwind Drive – starts 12/6
πŸŽ…1553 Hunter Road
πŸŽ…2096 Harrowgate Hill Lane
πŸŽ…1839 Gloucester Drive – front & backyard
πŸŽ…5731 Sigmon Way
πŸŽ…5734 Sigmon Way
πŸŽ…πŸŽ΅ 1 Kingsmont Court, includes musical display to radio station
πŸŽ…5839 Sigmon Way
πŸŽ…2547 Skylark Drive – bring a letter to Santa with a return address & you’ll get a letter back!
πŸŽ…3329 Cherryhill

πŸŽ…πŸŽ΅691 Buff, tune to 100.9fm for music, 5pm-midnight
πŸŽ…Buff has other decorated houses on the street
πŸŽ…Silverhedge (on the way to Buff) has lots of decorated houses
πŸŽ…9080 Arrowhead
πŸŽ…Brent Drive neighbors have been busy! Lots of houses decorated
πŸŽ…853 Reynard Ave.
πŸŽ…936 Timber Trail
πŸŽ…943 Timber Trail
πŸŽ…1097 Peachtree Court
πŸŽ…8750 Winton Road
πŸŽ…973 Huffman Court

Forest Park / Springdale
πŸŽ…πŸŽ„11198 Lincolnshire Drive
πŸŽ…11581 Mill Road
πŸŽ…638 Cloverdale

Green Township
πŸŽ…3505 Moonridge Drive
3625 Coral Gables Road
3717 Krierview Drive
3858 Biehl
3678 Jessup Road
5201 Valley Ridge Road
6365 Carley Lane, includes musical display to radio station
4036 Ridgedale Drive, includes musical display to radio station
5846 Fawnridge Court
6023 Ramblingridge Drive, includes musical display to radio station
4049 Hubble Rd
πŸŽ…6778 Taylor Rd., they expect to be ready 12-5-21

Hamilton / Lindenwald (make a day of it with Top Things to See and Do in Hamilton, Ohio)
πŸŽ…170 and 172 Ritter
πŸŽ…3938 Withrow Rd
πŸŽ…4066 E Taylor School Road, large display but it sits back off the road and is hard to see
πŸŽ…πŸŽ„2900 Eaton
πŸŽ…3250 Eaton
πŸŽ…1379 Peregrine (and more houses surrounding)
637 W Taylor School Rd
πŸŽ…359 Bevington Lane
πŸŽ…857 Sanders Dr
πŸŽ…969 North “E” St
πŸŽ…710 & 720 Webster Ave, lots of animated inflatables with movie playing on garage
πŸŽ… 6124 Tyler Point Drive
πŸŽ…πŸŽ„6093 Tyler Point Drive (worth the drive!)
πŸŽ…6487 Lakerun Ct (plus more lights throughout neighborhood)
3450 Hamilton Mason Rd
πŸŽ…πŸŽ„2825 Pleasant Avenue
πŸŽ…2907 Pleasant Ave.
4161 Leona Ct
πŸŽ…200 block of Sherman Ave., reader reports “lots of houses decorated”
πŸŽ…2235 Noble Ave.
πŸŽ…910 Brough Ave.

1526 Abigail Court, includes musical display to radio station
337 South Elm St, includes musical display to radio station

6656 Devon Drive in Liberty Twp. (info below)

Liberty Township and West Chester areas
πŸŽ„πŸŽ…6656 Devon Drive – Christmas at the Hormanns (collecting non-perishable food for Reach Out Lakota & The Princeton Closet through Dec 25); includes musical display to radio station; they plan to run the show every night (weather permitting) from 5-11pm through the new year; viewers can send their first name via text message to personalize the experience.
πŸŽ…Quail Hollow and Bruce Hills
πŸŽ…6401 Sauterne Dr 45011
8145 Cherry Laurel Drive
πŸŽ…6209 Yankee Road
πŸŽ…4863 Cedar Brook Ct
πŸŽ… 6124 Tyler Point
5226 Traverse Ct.
πŸŽ…5062 Anmer Hall Lane – lots of figurines
4518 Aspen Dr.
πŸŽ…πŸŽ΅ 7395 N. Pisgah Drive, synched to music (tune to 95.9 fm), runs 6-9pm daily
πŸŽ…North Pisgah Drive: Mary Ann says, “The entire street has Christmas displays. One of the homes is synced to your radio. Make sure to go all the way down the street.”
πŸŽ… 8305 Kimberly Ann Court
446 West Chester Rd., spans two houses
7702 Bonnie Drive
πŸŽ…πŸŽ΅8757 Bluebird Drive, see it Friday-Sunday, 7-10pm, tune to 95.9 for synched music

Loveland (make a day of it! 15 of the Top Things to See and Do in Loveland)
819 & 843 Marbea Drive
1100 Sunrise Drive – Bring a letter to Santa, and take a pic at the selfie stand wreath!
1111 Redbird Meadows Dr (4 homes together)
1001 Hickory Lane
🎡11942 Riveroaks Drive
πŸŽ…10100 Sleepy Ridge Drive

102 Elmlinger Drive
5186 Minuteman Court – multiple houses
4966 Elizabeth Court
πŸŽ…3263 Ultra Court

new for 2021 – 1219 Kirkley Drive, Miamisburg (info below)

πŸŽ…πŸŽ΅1219 Kirkley Hall Drive: new in 2021; Show runs 5:30 to 10:30 pm and midnight on weekends. Check out their YouTube channel for a great preview.

Mariemont / Fairfax
πŸŽ…3901 Lonsdale Street

πŸŽ… 8145 Cherry Laurel Drive

90 & 100 Hollytree Drive, includes musical display to radio station
905 Ryan Court
38 Village Court

10419 Stone Court
10869 Bromwell Lane

Mt. Healthy
πŸŽ…7242 Clovernook Avenue
πŸŽ…7228 Park Avenue
πŸŽ…7350 Elizabeth St (+2 neighbors)
πŸŽ…9295 Montoro
πŸŽ…2502 Garrison
πŸŽ…9232 Orangewood

Mt. Lookout
3488 Principio Avenue 

New Richmond
2426 Country Place – bigger and better this year
130 Regatta Dr

North College Hill
πŸŽ…1267 West Galbraith Road
βœ–2032 West Galbraith Road, Zapf’s Christmas Display will not be up in 2021 πŸ™

2263 Pompano Ave
160 Eagleview Way – lots of inflatables
15 Magic Lane

3955 Elljay Drive
10602 Robindale Drive
4010 Beavercreek Circle

Springdale – see Forest Park/Springdale

Springfield Township
πŸŽ…10210 Lochcrest (circle around the neighborhood for more)
πŸŽ…Millbrook and surrounding streets have numerous houses

St. Bernard
πŸŽ…403 Jefferson Avenue
πŸŽ…309 McClelland Ave, includes musical display to radio station
πŸŽ…320 Cleveland Avenue, includes musical display to radio station

Sycamore Township
3824 Mantell Avenue

West Chester – see Liberty Twp. above

Western Hills
2213 Rollingridge Ln
Corner of Werk & Boudinot

White Oak – see Green Township above

πŸŽ…9 North Avenue (as seen in the image at the top)
πŸŽ΅πŸŽ…115 Linden Drive: lights only on 6-9pm (weather permitting), includes musical display, lights up through New Years Day
πŸŽ…342, 346, 350 Hilltop Ln, includes musical display to radio station
πŸŽ…Circlewood Lane (to the right of 346 Hilltop, above) is spectacular! Houses include 387, 388, 383, 379, 375, 371, 315, 311, 308 and more
πŸŽ…1304 and 1308 Stonemill Court
πŸŽ…Allen Ave. has lots of decorated houses
πŸŽ…Burns has lots of decorated houses, especially north of Wyoming Ave.
πŸŽ…Ritchie Ave. has lots of decorated houses

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15 thoughts on “Cincinnati Neighborhood Christmas Lights – Making the Season Bright!”

  1. We moved from 6507 Hamilton Ave. In NCH
    Our new display is in Liberty township ohio 45011 at 4518 Aspen Dr.

  2. It’s hard to say, Cristina. People take their lights down at different times and these are all private homes.

  3. Add North Pisgah Drive in the West Chester area. The entire street has Christmas displays. One of the homes is synced to your radio. Make sure to ga all the way down the street.

  4. West Chester Township/Pisgah
    7395 N Pisgah Dr
    I run the Light Show synced to music from 6:00-9:00 Daily
    Tune to 95.9 fm to hear on your radio.

  5. Please add 8757 Bluebird Dr in West Chester/Liberty area. I’m running my show Friday-Sunday from 7-10pm. Tune to 95.9fm to listen on your radio. I’d love to see people out there this year!

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