The Butterfly Show at the Krohn Conservatory

It’s the perfect way to kick off spring in Cincinnati – it’s time for the annual Butterfly Show at the Krohn Conservatory!

The Krohn Conservatory will be all a-flutter with this year’s Butterfly Show. This show has a theme each year and this year’s show features Butterflies in Space!

Butterfly Show at the Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati, Ohio

Head to the Krohn Conservatory (located in beautiful Eden Park) to walk amongst thousands of butterflies in flight this spring.

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Embark on a celestial journey this year for Butterflies in Space. Inspired by the butterflies of the International Space Station in 2009, who successfully adapted to a zero-gravity environment, you can explore their take on the space station while the real “stars” of the show swirl through the Krohn Conservatory like a colorful cloud of stardust.

butterfly on orange tree

You’ll get lots of time to see this year’s show. The Krohn Conservatory has extended their show days and hours and are now open every day of the week!

Orange butterfly on a pink flower at The Krohn Conservatory

Don’t miss the learning opportunities interspersed throughout the show. Learn about butterflies in the wild and why it’s important to protect their habitats.

monarch butterflies

The Butterfly Show at the Krohn Conservatory will be open from May 14 through July 1, 2024.

Enjoy this year’s extended daily hours of 10am-8pm, Monday through Sunday.

Tickets can be purchased at the door or online.

In addition to the Butterfly Show, your admission also includes the Fern House, the Palm House, the Desert House, the Orchid House, and the Bonsai Gallery.

Reserve your tickets and find out more here

Extend the day with a visit to nearby Cincinnati Art Museum, a walk through Eden Park, and/or experience The Art Climb.

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  1. Oh no! That’s terrible. They shouldn’t allow children–or anyone– to handle the butterflies 🙁

  2. I agree that the lack of supervision of children was horrible. I saw a little boy, very young mangle more than one. His parents where not watching him. It was sad. Could have been beautiful. Parents need to be accountable.

  3. Our family was there July 5th and saw none of the children misbehaving as commented upon above. It was very busy with lots of children, all using thei butterfly paper.

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