Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati

The Krohn Conservatory is an indoor botanical oasis located just outside downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.

Open year-round and welcoming visitors to tour its indoor gardens and exhibits, The Krohn Conservatory is home to more than 3500 plant species from all over the world.

The permanent collections include plants from the rainforest, deserts, the tropics, and more. In addition to the permanent collections, they have five seasonal shows that rotate throughout the year.

Front view of Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati, Ohio
Krohn Conservatory

A Brief History of Krohn Conservatory:

The land we now know as Eden Park (where the conservatory is located) was acquired from the family of the “Father of American Wine”, Nicholas Longworth, who grew grapes here and called it “The Garden of Eden”.

The large structure we know and love today started out as a number of smaller greenhouses in the late 1800s. The original greenhouses were primarily used to grow plants. At the turn of the century, the park board started to build greenhouses meant for use with public displays and “The Eden Park Greenhouse” was born (later renamed The Krohn Conservatory). source

Like so many other parks of that era, Civil Works Administration (CWA) funds were used to build the Krohn Conservatory during the depression of the 1930’s (source). The CWA was part of President Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal”, providing funds to keep people working during the depression.

The Krohn Conservatory officially opened in 1933… the same year as Union Terminal. Can you imagine the excitement?

a lush spot at Krohn Conservatory, green plants of all sorts and a pond
The Palm House

Seasonal Shows at the Krohn Conservatory:

Today, The Krohn Conservatory is well known for their seasonal shows which include the following (click links to see shows from recent years):

The Butterfly Show: This is one of Cincinnati’s annual treasures and typically happens in the spring. You can see thousands of butterflies amidst gorgeous floral displays. Each year’s show has a different international theme.

Holiday Trains: The tradition of the holiday train display started back in 1934 and continues to this day! Cincinnati does love its holiday train displays! The annual holiday display features many Cincinnati landmarks and spans the showroom and spills over into the Fern Room. The show usually starts in November and ends around the start of the new year.

a train on the tracks at the holiday show at the Krohn Conservatory

Spring, Summer, and Fall Shows: These floral shows fill in the calendar around The Butterfly Show and the Holiday Trains.

the Krohn Conservatory’s 2023 spring show

The Permanent Collections at the Krohn Conservatory:

The seasonal floral showroom is just one part! Don’t miss the other rooms where their permanent collections reside. They include:

  • the Fern House: Watch the koi swim in the pond as you circle through the ferns and greenery.
  • the Palm House: This room is a recreation of a tropical rain forest. Here you’ll find the conservatory’s edible grove including chocolate trees, fruit trees, vanilla vines, the waterfall pictured below, and MANY other plants.
  • the Desert House: This area showcases cacti, succulents, and a variety of desert plants. Featured are plants that grow in regions that typically get less than 10″ of precipitation a year.
  • the Orchid House
  • the Bonsai Collection: Watch for an annual show from The Bonsai Society of Greater Cincinnati.
water rushing over the rocks in the palm house at Krohn Conservatory
The waterfall inside the Krohn Conservatory
flowers and plants at Krohn Conservatory

Krohn Conservatory Wedding and Event Rentals:

Did you know The Krohn Conservatory can be reserved / rented for events and weddings? The venue can be rented in the evening hours (after it closes to the public). The maximum capacity is 150 guests. Learn more about Krohn Conservatory wedding and event rentals when you click here (Premier Park Events).

Krohn Conservatory is part of our wonderful Cincinnati Parks District.

Suggestions for Additional Things to Do:

Explore Eden Park before or after your visit. Don’t miss your opportunity to admire the Ohio River Valley view from the Eden Park Overlook. Or walk around Mirror Lake.

The Eden Park gazebo
The Eden Park gazebo

The Cincinnati Art Museum is very close by. And don’t miss their new ArtClimb.

Krohn Conservatory is located at 1501 Eden Park Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45202

General Admission (as of Feb., 2024): Adults (18 years & up): $10.00, Youth (5-17 years old): $7.00, and Children (4 years old and under): FREE

Krohn Conservatory Tickets: Tickets can be purchased online for most of the seasonal shows. They also sell tickets at the front entrance.

You can purchase a yearly pass for Krohn Conservatory.

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