9 of the Best Sunflower Fields Near Cincinnati

Visiting sunflower fields is one of my favorite ways to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of fall. Sunflowers in Cincinnati are essentially one huge field of summer’s last hurrah!

The sunflower fields and farms are a wonderful place to walk and take in all the season has to offer. Be sure to bring the camera as this late bloomer holds nothing back and the sunflower fields make for a wonderful backdrop for family pics. And a few of the farms will even allow you to cut a few to take home.

Sunflowers at Blooms and Berries in Loveland
Sunflowers at Blooms and Berries Farm Market

Get out there and enjoy our list of sunflower field favorites! Let us know if we missed YOUR favorite by leaving a comment below.

🌻 Blooms and Berries has some of the best fall fun around!

Fall on the Farm is their big fall event. It includes their beautiful sunflower fields and it’s a must-do for our family each fall.

Sunflowers at this farm are expected to be blooming during the end of September into the beginning of October.

Fall on the Farm dates are September 17 – October 31, 2022.

Be sure to grab your tickets online before your visit.

Sunflowers in a field at Burwinkel Farms
sunflowers at Burwinkel Farms, 2019

🌻 Burwinkel Farms has acres of sunflower fields with walking paths, a pumpkin patch, and a corn maze and lots more fall fun. Be sure to check with the farm for their peak weekends.

They have some early bloomers in July of 2022 and will have more sunflower crops later.

Watch for updates on their Facebook page.

a painted piano sitting in the middle of sunflower fields at Country Pumpkins farm, Dry Ridge KY
image credit: Country Pumpkins Facebook page

🌻 Country Pumpkins is having their Sunflower Days from August 12 through August 26, 2022.

This 250 acre dairy farm is located in Dry Ridge, Kentucky. Take a shuttle ride out to their sunflower field where you can take all the selfies you want!

Timed tickets are required (buy online). No sunflowers are included in your ticket but you can add on U-Pick sunflowers to your ticket.

Sunflower Festival at Gorman Heritage Farm in Evendale
image credit to Gorman Heritage Farm’s Facebook page

🌻 Gorman Heritage Farm is having their annual Sunflower Festival – October 1 and 2, 2022.

Explore the beautiful historic working farm including several miles of wooded trails, meet the farm animals, buy pumpkins, and, of course, sunflower fields. They’ll also have an opportunity for you to cut your own sunflowers ($1 per stem), food trucks and vendors on site.

Admission: $10 adults, $5 kids ages 3-17, $5 adults 60+, kids under 3 are free.

Full details can be found here. Grab your tickets online (no tickets at the gate).

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a red sunflower in a field at McGlasson Farms
photo credit: McGlasson Farms Facebook page, 9-19-20

McGlasson Farms in Hebron, Kentucky should have sunflowers in late September/ early October.

It’s a perfect fall weekend! U-pick pumpkin patch plus sunflowers, apple cider, caramel apples, fall squash, corn stalks, sweet potatoes, sweet corn, tomatoes and more!

Cash or check only for this farm.

Watch their Facebook page for updates.

sunflowers growing on long stalks in a field at Schappacher Farms
image credit: Schappacher Farms

Schappacher Farms hopes to have multiple patches of sunflowers this year!

They plant sunflower fields on the late side so you can admire their sunflowers when the pumpkins are ready too.

The Meade Historic Preserve in Symmes Township has a field that blooms once a year.

This park is free and they encourage you to come visit to see the sunflowers.

Head over to Symmes Twp. Parks for info.

sunset view of the farmer on a tractor working in a field, planting at Niederman Family Farm
photo credit to Niederman Family Farm

It looks like Niederman Family Farm is in on the sunflower action for 2022!

They have sunflowers in mid-July this year.

Sunflowers at Vogel Farm in Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati near
image credit to Vogel Farm’s Facebook page

Vogel Farm in NKY has lots of sunflowers and will often post (to their Facebook page) about times when they have the fields open to the public (usually starts in mid-July).

They specialize in cut sunflowers and bouquets which they sell at their farm stand.

They just posted that the sunflowers fields are planted and doing great!

Be sure to “like” their Facebook page to get the open field updates. Bring cash!

The Black Barn behind a field of plants
image credit: The Black Barn’s Facebook page

The Black Barn in Lebanon usually has a one acre sunflower field. The 2022 field info has not been announced yet.

Natorp’s plants a sunflower field in Mason, found near Cottell Park in Deerfield Township, and it is typically one of the earliest to bloom in Cincinnati. This field of flowers is free and open to the public but they do ask that you respect the field, don’t pick the flowers, and park at Cottell Park.
Sadly, it looks like the sunflower fields won’t be planted in this location any longer. Natorps says: “Sunflower Field Update: Many of you know the land is leased from a farmer who generously allowed Natorp’s to plant sunflowers. Now, after many years he would like his land private for farming. This means saying goodbye to the sunflowers. Thank you all for sharing your wonderful photos and kind words throughout the years.”

Like all flowers, sunflowers bloom for a short time. It’s always a good idea to check the status of the sunflower fields before you head to the farm.

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  1. At the Natorp field, Snider and Irwin-Simpson, PLEASE people, NOT NOT CROSS SNIDER ROAD unless you go to the light!! I live nearby and have had people step into the road in front of me!! The speed limit there is 45!

  2. Is there any way to be notified when the flowers are in bloom, from the various fields? Do you have a distribution email list?

  3. Hi Peggy, I am not currently sending out regular emails. I do plan on returning to sending out info soon though. Sorry to not be of more help on that front.

  4. We went today, and it was great. I just wish people would be more respectful and not pick the sunflowers. We saw groups of people all walking back to their cars, triumphantly holding now-dead sunflowers in their hands.

    If everyone who had come today picked a sunflower for themselves, it’d be an empty, dead field by sundown. The selfishness of some people is breathtaking.😟

  5. Hi Goedela, I don’t think anyone has their 2021 dates out yet, at least for sunflowers. Most, if not all, of the places in our list will repeat next year and there’s a link for each one included. Most will not update before early summer as these crops are so weather dependent.

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