Day 185 – Cincinnati Nature Center | Rowe Woods

It’s Day 185 of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and today we were out enjoying the autumn splendor of the Cincinnati Nature Center’s Rowe Woods. Located 6 miles east of Milford, The Cincinnati Nature Center’s Rowe Woods is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon.   The Nature Center has more than 16 miles of trails covering over 1000 acres of land. My first stop was the Rowe Visitor Center.  Nestled amongst the trees, this building houses a Nature Shop, lots of educational resources, “classrooms”, a library, and a room with a gorgeous scenic view.  Here you’ll find maps and brochures that will help you to identify plants and animals that are common on the trails. cincinnati nature center rowe woods Rowe Woods has many trails, from easy and completely paved to moderate to difficult.  I decided to take one of the longer trails – Fernwood Trail.  This trail is a bit over 1.5 miles and was marked as “difficult”.  Since I was hoping to get a good workout in I figured I’d give this one a shot. This trail was covered in either gravel or mulch, depending on which part of the trail I was on.  As I was walking along I kept thinking, “Ok, where’s the difficult part?”  And then it hit me.  I started going downhill, and down some more, and down some more…. and what goes down must go up when you’re hiking, right? I don’t know that I’d call it difficult except for the fact that there are some pretty steep declines and they’re covered in gravel – making for a tough situation in spots.  Going back up was easier as it was a lot more steps (rather than hilly path).  I certainly got my workout in.  I’d highly recommend that trail if you wouldn’t have any issues with the grade. It will take you by the Wilderness Cabins… and you’ll cross over Avey’s Run (a stream?) a number of times, although our dry weather meant I was only crossing over dry ditches today. At the end of my hike I came across this gorgeous old house… This is the Krippendorf Lodge.  Built around 1900, it was a wedding gift to Carl and Mary Krippendorf.  The size of this home is insane considering when it was built.  It has wrap around porches and incredible stone patios.  Out back there is a separate cottage that looks as though it may have housed servants (?) or guests.  The Lodge is now part of the Nature Center and is available for rentals. The Cincinnati Nature Center is free on Mondays.  You can join the Cincinnati Nature Center as a member or you can pay to go by the day.  Admission for adults is currently $3 for weekdays and $5 on weekends.  Children under 12 are $1. The Cincinnati Nature Center‘s Rowe Woods is located at 4949 Tealtown Road Connect with The Cincinnati Nature Center on Facebook

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  • Another great time to visit the Nature Center is in the Spring when the wildflowers and daffodils are in bloom. It is incredible!

  • Hubby and I have been members of CNC for going on 3 years now. We always bring our dog for a hike. Now we are fostering a dog, and we bring her also. We absolutely LOVE it.

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