Touring The National Flag Company

I recently took a “behind the scenes” tour of the National Flag Company, a full service flag company in Cincinnati.

National Flag is a full service flag company that not only serves the Greater Cincinnati region, but also flag dealers and corporate accounts nation-wide. They produces all kinds of flags – from “Old Glory” to unique custom products.

flags in process at the National Flag Company

The National Flag Company has been producing flags and banners here in Cincinnati for over 140 years. They remain a family-owned business and someone in the Schaller family has been involved in The National Flag Co. since 1903.

National Flag Co. on Freeman Ave

Their space is located on Freeman Avenue in Cincinnati’s West End neighborhood. They’ve been in this building since the late 1970’s.

flag manufacturing at National Flag Co. in Cincinnati

They work with all kinds of machinery to do their daily work. They have some “old school” methods like the behemoth below (which they still use a few days a week)….

and some more modern methods too. In addition to their fully sewn flags they offer digital printing, silk screening, vinyl… you name it!

machinery at National Flag Company in Cincinnati

A lot of the custom flag work they do is done by hand and by their loyal employees, most of whom have been making flags for 20+ years.

National Flag Company in Cincinnati Ohio

We watched them work and observed their finished products – all of which were sewn with a level of precision that you wouldn’t believe (especially in today’s marketplace). Each fully sewn flag is made with the utmost care and attention to detail. It was truly amazing to see the work they produce. These folks are true makers!

working on flags at the National Flag Company
sewing flags at the National Flag Company

Our tour (organized by Cincinnati Made) was just before Memorial Day, one of their busiest times of year. They make flags for fallen soldiers, POW flags, flags for our Armed Forces, and many more.

The makings of new flags at National Flag Co.
Honor and Remember Flags
picture courtesy of National Flag Co.

You can take a look at their offerings and get a better feel for their products at on their website (see links below). And in addition to making a flag for you, they even install and maintain flag poles!

The National Flag Co. is located at 1819 Freeman Ave. (there is no retail shop but you can go into their office there)

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  1. Our group had a tour and it was great!! Beautiful work and the workers were so patient about explaining what they are doing. Truly a local business!!!

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