Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park

For our day 82 of 365 Things to do in Cincinnati we went downtown to explore the Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park.

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Located right on the Ohio River, this park is one of our newest city parks.  This 22-acre Cincinnati Park Board park opened in 2003 and was, at that time, the first new Cincinnati Park Board park to open in 40 years.  The park was named in honor of Cincinnati’s first African-American Mayor, Theodore M. Berry.

berry international friendship park sculpture

The park itself snakes along the Ohio River and sits just east of the Montgomery Inn Boathouse.  The park features two intertwining paths that are said to mimic a child’s friendship bracelet.  Here’s an aerial view that really allows you to see the intertwined pathways:


The park itself is long and narrow.  As you progress from the parking lot into the park you will notice that the park leads you into different “worlds” and cultures.  The park has areas which represent each of the continents (with the exception of Antartica).  Each continent’s section has sculptures and/or plantings to mimic the life in that area of the world.

theodore berry international friendship park cincinnati

Above you’ll see a grassland surrounded by tall blowing grasses reminiscent of the African Savannah.  This area also includes a story-telling circle…

theodore berry international friendship park cincinnati

In the picture below you can see the river through the Japanese Maples found in the Asia section…

theodore berry international friendship park cincinnati

Numerous descriptive signs along the path tell all about what went into making the particular areas and the meaning behind them.   The picture below is part of the formal European garden section and features a mirrored German sculpture which was brought here in pieces and assembled onsite.

theodore berry international friendship park cincinnati

The paths are great for walking, running or biking.  The paths are flat and are wheelchair and stroller accessible.  The park is pet-friendly too.  As you can tell from the pictures, the landscaping is absolutely gorgeous and incredibly well maintained.  The plantings combined with the scenery make this park a MUST DO – trust me!

theodore berry international friendship park cincinnati

The Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park is a great family friendly place to go.  The park is free and parking is available in an adjacent lot.  The Friendship Park pathways head west, go around the Montgomery Inn Boathouse and continue into Sawyer Point / Bicentennial Commons. The plantings combined with the informational signs would also make this a great educational opportunity for your little scholars.

Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park is located at 1135 Eastern Avenue.
This is a Cincinnati Park Boards Park

Have YOU been to Friendship Park?  What’s your favorite area?

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  1. My husband and I were married at this park in 2006. It is absolutely gorgeous and a great place to hold an event.

  2. I wouldn’t suggest parking here and going for a long walk. Cars get broken into quite frequently. My wifes car was broken into just this week during daylight hours. Be advised.

  3. Visiting for the tennis tournament. What a great city and park. Rented a Quadracycle and we had a blast cycling through the park. A must-see!

  4. I have been there several times, with no problems. Be advised though and use the usual common sense approach when leaving any car unattended. Spring there is so beautiful and friends and I will return for a summer viewing soon.

  5. Before I retired, I took my junior high science classes to this park when we were studying ecosystems, especially for the garden of Africa. You can imagine lions being camouflaged in the grassy Savanna as they stalk their prey. From here we went to Eden Park and the Krohn. Great resources!

  6. Who owns the parking lot adjacent to the Montgomery Inn Boathouse? I see some spaces are reserved. Is this a public parking area or is this owned by Montgomery Inn?

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