Miller-Leuser Log Cabin in Anderson

Day 59 of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” takes us back in time at the Miller-Leuser Log House in Anderson.

miller-leuser log house anderson historical society

Built in 1795-1796, this log house is said to be the oldest log cabin in Hamilton County that still sits on its original site.  This historic home is owned by the Anderson Historical Society and was open to the public when we went for our post.

miller-leuser log house anderson ohio

In the picture above you can see the original log house.  Our tour docent told us that log homes typically had just a front door and a one window.  They believe the front window is original and that the others were added over time.

miller-leuser log cabin anderson historical society

Two sections were added to the original log house.  The center part was enclosed to become a larger kitchen and the back was enclosed to become a wash area.  Here’s a pic of the inside of that back room and their washing machine…

miller-leuser log cabin wash machine

Doesn’t that make you thankful for modern day conveniences?!  If that doesn’t do it, just take a look at their bathtub…

miller-leuser log house wash tub

Yes, it’s a wooden tub hanging on the wall in the center of the cabin.  I would assume they took it down and filled it with water occasionally.  The cabin, by the way, had two wells that served the house with water.  There is no interior plumbing.  And you know what that means…

miller-leuser log house outhouse anderson ohio

It’s the original two seater outhouse in the back.  The planks across the front aren’t original of course and are there just to keep people from venturing in too far.  If you go be sure to peek in at the wallpaper that is still hanging there on the left.

And if that doesn’t have you thanking your lucky stars that you’re not a pioneer, perhaps this will…

miller-leuser log house anderson ohio front door

The docent that you see in the picture told us all about how the front door could be barricaded to keep the owners safe from the Indians.  See the rifle on top of the door?  Wow!

miller-leuser log house anderson historical society

The house is located at 6550 Clough Pike in Anderson (near Turpin High School).  The historians certainly love what they do and it’s fun to see all of the authentic pieces the home is still lucky enough to have.

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5 thoughts on “Miller-Leuser Log Cabin in Anderson”

  1. I LOVE this home:) Such history there! I grew up near this site and absolutely adored Mr. and Mrs. Shoop. Such kind and gentle people. He was a fixture for years at Stanbery Park as was his wife in the Mt. Washington Elem. school kitchen where I volunteered during my lunch hours. I knew her as Mary and never knew they were husband and wife until relatively recently.

    On a seperate subject, someone mentioned to me today that a woman commited suicide in the cabin in the 70’s. True or not, and if true…any idea as to the woman’s identity?

    I thank you for a wonderful site and any information you may have.


    Pamela Pastura

  2. No, it is definitely NOT true that someone committed suicide in the log house in the 70s, as the Anderson Township Historical Society owned and operated the property at that time. Note: The Shoops were ATHS’s caretakers in the house next door to the log house during that decade and very nice folks.

    The last family to live in the log house were the Leusers. They lived there most of their married life and raised 5 or 6 children in the house with NO indoor water or plumbing. On June 10th of this year, over 70 Leusers gathered at the Miller Leuser Log House for a reunion. We were proud to host their homecoming event.

    Sincerely, Lyn S

  3. I was born in cincinnatti 4/10/52. lived right down the road fm this cabin. saw it fm my bedroom window. fm 1952 – 1963 i did not see any children there except one daughter. sometimes ate w them. there daughter worked at anderson elementary/high school in the cafeteria before it was torn down. loved the flowers and frsh water. mother dressed in the old pioneer clothing. got to go in the new house when it was built. great part of american history. 1796 – 2012 wow.

  4. My name is Joseph Leuser. I was born in the log cabin 2/24/26.I had 3 sisters, Clara, Martha, and Mildred.I wish to thank all the members of the historical for their loving care and hard work that they have done in making it the beautiful place that it is today. I am certain that without your dedication the cabin would not be in existence. Joseph Leuser

  5. I would just like to say my grandmother clara grew up in that house etc and hope it stands for a very long long time. Such a wonderful piece of history and am proud to say I’m part of the family ..

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