Get Your Game on at 16-Bit Bar and Arcade

Here we are with another installment of 365 Things to do in Cincinnati and today we’re featuring our recent visit to 16-Bit Bar and Arcade. View from the door at 16 Bit in OTR Located in OTR (Over the Rhine), 16-Bit is a bar that is FULL of old school video games. Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Asteroids… just about any game you might have played at the arcade growing up. Pacman! at 16 Bit in Over the Rhine Old school video games at 16 Bit in OTR And it’s not all about the classic arcade games either. One end of the place is dedicated to consoles – Nintendo, Play Station, Atari, etc. Nintendo and Playstation games at 16 Bit in Cincinnati The games are all free (with the exception of just a few pinball machines) as long as you’re drinking. And they make it easy to want to have a drink or two with a great selection of draft beers and a fun cocktail list too. I’m dying to try the Hulk Hogan – Vodka and lemonade served with a Bomb Pop popsicle… or perhaps the Kevin Bacon – Jim Beam Maple Bourbon with Ginger Ale and Bacon Jerky. Draft Beer and Bar at 16 Bit in OTR They do not serve food BUT the bartender said they’d allow you to bring food in from any of the neighborhood eateries. And I’ve heard that they often have a food truck parked outside on the weekends. Walnut Street side of 16 Bit in OTR Be aware that this is a 21 and over place and be prepared to show your ID at the door as you enter. They do occasionally have “Bring Your Shorty” day but that’s definitely not every day. Wide view of 16 Bit in Over the Rhine We really enjoyed the afternoon spent at 16-Bit. And if you’ve never seen it with so few people, try it out on a weekday when they open at 4pm. We basically had the place to ourselves! 16-Bit Bar and Arcade is located at 1331 Walnut Street Connect with 16-Bit on Facebook

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