One of My Favorite Parks in the Spring – Glenwood Gardens

Glenwood Gardens – it’s one of my favorite parks in the city, especially in the spring!

This park is, in my opinion, one of the Great Parks of Hamilton County’s best kept secrets! The park is a beautiful mix of well-manicured formal gardens and natural habitats.

The lawn and entrance to Glenwood Gardens

The park itself is relatively new… well, at least new in terms of local park age anyway!  The park occupies what used to be the Burchenal family’s 300+ acre cattle and produce farm. Mrs. Burchenal bequeathed the land to the park district in 1993 and the park officially opened in 2001.

Entrance to Glenwood Gardens
– The entrance to the park –

This 335 acre park has 2.6 miles of trails /walking path and it’s one of the reasons I LOVE this park. 

Lilacs in full bloom at Glenwood Gardens
– Lilacs in full bloom as you enter the walking path at Glenwood Gardens –

The picture below shows the hill that goes from the park entrance to the first loop. The first loop is paved and is about 1 mile long. It is flat, other than the hill that connects the park entrance to the first loop.

A paved path leading downhill at Glenwood Gardens
The hill on the right will be FULL of flowers come summer!

As you proceed down the walking path you will see the Legacy Garden.  There’s a gorgeous gazebo where you can stop and look over the grounds.  Be sure to notice the inside of the gazebo which is painted with foliage – amazing!

Gazebo at Glenwood Gardens

About halfway through that first paved loop you’ll see an offshoot – a gravel path (well marked and obvious).  If the gravel doesn’t bother you, be sure to take this loop.  It leads up to some of the most undisturbed marshland, forest and pasture land.

This gravel / second loop will allow you to stop and admire the stream twice (at each end of the loop).

A shallow stream within the woods

Spring green was in full force this year! The picture below was taken on the last/outer loop… and that color is 100% true. This is the original pic with no edits other than a crop (pic taken in 2020)!

Spring green in full force on the trails at Glenwood Gardens

We’ve had the pleasure of seeing all kinds of wildlife on our walks here.  If you’re into bird watching this is a park you want to be sure to visit (and be sure to take the long path up to the wetlands).

You can download the trail map here.

In Great Park’s style, the walks are well kept and the park architecture is first class.  Here is a bridge that crosses one of the creeks (second loop).

The entrance to a walking loop

For your comfort you’ll find many park benches throughout the path.  They have a restroom at the entrance and there’s a “port a potty” on the long loop.  They have a water fountain at the entrance, complete with a doggie bowl fountain too.

A bench along the path

If you have kids in tow, don’t miss Highfield Discovery Garden, a 12 acre park within Glenwood Gardens (admission charged for Highfield).

HIghfield Discovery Garden

For more information, visit the Glenwood Gardens page of the Great Parks of Hamilton County Parks website.

Find Glenwood Gardens at:
10397 Springfield Pike, Cincinnati, Ohio 45215

Skates, bikes and scooters are not permitted.

You will need to purchase a park pass to get in. Current motor vehicle pricing and information can be found here.

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