Carew Tower in Cincinnati

The Carew Tower has been a Cincinnati skyline landmark since the 1930’s and it is still as beautiful as ever! Go exploring downtown- take the elevators to the top of the Carew Tower and enjoy the panoramic views of Cincinnati from the Observation Deck.

The Carew Tower in Cincinnati, Ohio

History of the Carew Tower:

Construction began on the Carew Tower in 1930.  The building project was originally criticized because Cincinnati was believed to be too far west and too small for such a large building.  That’s hard to believe today!  Less than one hundred years later, just look at the surrounding city…

View of the surrounding city from high atop the Carew Tower

View of OTR from the top of the Carew Tower in Cincinnati, Ohio

Carew Tower Facts:

The Carew Tower has 23 elevators and stands at 49 stories tall.  It was the first office building downtown to have an unmanned elevator operated by push buttons.

Architect William Lamb designed the Carew Tower and it’s said that he then went on to model another building after it – The Empire State Building.

The Carew Tower is the now the second tallest building in Cincinnati but it held the title as Cincinnati’s tallest building for years.

The John Roebling Suspension Bridge from the top of the Carew Tower

Carew Tower Observation Deck:

Hop on one of the many elevators and enjoy the panoramic view of Cincinnati that only the Carew Tower can provide!  Ride up to the 45th floor and then change elevators for the last few floors (or climb a few stairs) and you’ll find yourself on top of the Carew Tower at the observation deck.

the carew tower observation deck view cincinnati

Surrounded by concrete walls, there’s no need to fear the height.  You will be really high up but you will get to see the city from views you’re not likely to have anywhere else.  Just look at this view of Cincinnati’s Fountain Square…

A look at Fountain Square from the top of the Carew Tower

The Carew Tower allows one to really take in all that is Cincinnati.  From Great American Ball Park right on the Ohio River…

Great American Ballpark and the Ohio River from the Carew Tower

to Paul Brown Stadium (and nearby practice field) trimmed by the bridges.

Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati Ohio

Look up the river and you’ll see Mt. Adams with its own skyline landmark, Holy Cross – Immaculata Church (just left of center in the pic).

the view of Mt. Adams from the Carew Tower in Cincinnati, Ohio

Construction of the Great American Tower unseated the Carew Tower and is now Cincinnati’s tallest building.  But I would venture to say it will never win the hearts of Cincinnatians like the Carew Tower has.

The Big Mac bridge and Great American Tower from the top of the Carew Tower

Carew Tower Observation Deck
Hours and Admission:

The Carew Tower Observation Deck hours:
Monday-Thursday 9am-5:30pm
Friday 9am-6pm
Saturday and Sunday 10am – 7pm

There is a nominal fee to go out onto the observation deck:
$6 for adults, children 6-11 are $3, and children 5 and under are free.

The Carew Tower
441 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202


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