Ohio Tax Free Weekend Expands for 2024: 10 Days and It’s Not Just For School Supplies!

Ohio traditionally offers a Tax Free Weekend at the beginning of August. Tax Free Weekend is usually limited to school supplies and some clothing purchases.

But not in 2024! You might want to hold off on some purchases this summer as we will have a Sales Tax Holiday this year!

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Yes, there’s definitely something bigger and better happening for 2024! This year’s tax free weekend will become “Sales Tax Holiday”. The dates will span Tuesday, July 30 through Thursday, August 8, 2024 (at 11:59pm).

This year’s Sales Tax Holiday will last TEN days!

AND you use the Sales Tax Free Holiday to purchase all sorts of items… not just school supplies!

In fact, you can purchase just about anything up to $500 and not pay Ohio sales tax on your purchase.

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The Ohio Department of Taxation says, “The sales tax holiday will include all tangible personal property that is $500 or less except watercraft or outboard motor required to be titled pursuant to Chapter 1548 of the Revised Code, a motor vehicle, an alcoholic beverage, tobacco, a vapor product, or an item that contains marijuana.”

Your item must be $500 or less. Purchasing something that’s $501 and up? It will NOT be tax free. No part of it will be tax free. You won’t get the savings on the first $500. Your item must be $500 and under.

Want to buy multiple things that add up to more than $500? The tax exempt rule is PER ITEM so as long as each item is $500 or less, it’s tax free.

What about things you might buy online during that time frame?
“Qualified items sold to consumers by mail, telephone, e-mail, or Internet shall qualify for the sales tax exemption if the consumer orders and pays for the item and the retailer accepts the order during the exemption period for immediate shipment, even if delivery is made after the exemption period.  However, if the order and payment were made before the sales tax holiday, even if the item was delivered during the sales tax holiday, it would not qualify for the exemption.  Additionally, if an item is backordered and payment does not occur until a later shipment, the item would not qualify for the exemption.”

Eating at your favorite restaurant during the Sales Tax Holiday? “Under Ohio law, food is taxable if it is consumed on the premises where it is sold. Most commonly, this applies when you are “dining-in” at a restaurant. Since food is taxable when it is “dine-in,” any menu item that is less than $500 would qualify for the sales tax holiday exemption, except for alcohol (or any other non-qualified item).”

Learn all the ins and outs for Sales Tax Holiday 2024 over at the source:
Ohio Department of Taxation

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