Big Pig Gig – Where to Find the Pigs Today

Cincinnati, once known as “Porkopolis”, had pigs roaming the streets and was the area’s leading hog packing center. Pork was put into sausages, salted for long term preservation, used to make goetta. And in true Cincinnati fashion, nothing was discarded. Pork byproducts gave rise to other businesses like soap and candles (hello, Proctor and Gamble!).

Many years have passed and it seems we still have a thing for pigs. You’ll find them all over the city, from park decor (Smale Park, Sawyer Point) to our city’s biggest race (The Flying Pig). But none are done better than those from The Big Pig Gig.

What was the Big Pig Gig?

The Big Pig Gig was a pig-centric public art installation in 2000 (with a smaller scale repeat in 2012 during The World Choir Games). Local artists and schools decorated larger-than-life fiberglass pigs and they were placed all over town. At one time there were 400 of these 4′ tall decorated pigs around town!

How many Pigs are still left around town?

We scoured the city to find the Pigs that are remaining. Many have private owners and now live in houses. But there are a few left in public spaces for your enjoyment. We found all we could and have listed them below.

Lucius (Lucky) Quinctus Pigasus

Where to find it: Sawyer Point (near the Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus⁣ statue)
Inside the building or outside? It is outside.
More Info: Easy to find if you’re walking between parks along the river.

Phantom of The Slopera

Where to find it: Aronoff Center
Address: 650 Walnut Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Inside the building or outside? Find it in the lobby (inside).
More Info: This pig does sit close to the front doors so it can be seen from outside if you don’t arrive when the lobby is open.

Queen Porktunia

Big Pig Gig pig near the Cincinnati CVB

Where to find it: just outside the Cincinnati CVB’s offices
Address: 525 Vine Street, Suite 1200, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Inside the building or outside? This one is inside.

Piggy Goes to Market

Piggy Goes to Market outside the Kroger Building in Cincinnati, Ohio

Where to find it: the Kroger Building / corporate offices
Address: 1014 Vine Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Inside the building or outside? This one is outside.


Hamlet from the Big Pig Gig in Cincinnati

Where to find it: Cincinnati Shakespeare Company
Address: 1195 Elm St, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Inside the building or outside? Find it right outside the front entrance.

More Big Pig Gig pigs can be found at the following locations:

Montgomery Inn Boathouse (outside)
Rookwood Commons (outside)
Pure Romance Corporate Offices (outside)
The School for the Creative and Performing Arts (inside)
The Enquirer (inside)

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  1. There is a pig in the lobby of the Anderson Center in Anderson Township. My husband and I frequent The Beechmont Players, whose plays are performed here!

  2. The Pizza Pig is on Werk Rd. In Western Hills outside the Werkhaus Restaurant. The Tattoo Pig is outside a tattoo business on Glenway Ave in Western Hills , not far from the Pizza Pig

  3. There’s also a pig located outside the Anderson Township Pub In Anderson Township locates just east of the city limits. It’s outside the limits but still in the metro. It is called the Anderson Township Pig and has symbols of the area’s three high schools on it. It is located at 6694 Clough Pike

  4. Where is the Big Pig Gig statue painted by the Art Department of Woodward High school? The pig had a Coogi sweater and “diamond” studded earring. I loved that pig!

  5. As of Feb. 2021, an article posted that Pig Brother’s Watching You which used to live at Media Bridges, is now at Cincinnati Educational Television. And apparently there is an instagram account called BigPigGig of a man trying to find as many as he can.

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