Here we are with a new installment of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and today we are featuring a magical and wonderous event – LumenoCity.

Lumenocity at Music Hall

LumenoCity combines a spectacular light show with performances from our wonderful Music Hall stars including a unique musical combination of both the Cincinnati Symphony AND the Cincinnati Pops, The Cincinnati Ballet, The Cincinnati Opera, and the Cincinnati May Festival.

The Cincinnati Opera at Lumenocity, Music Hall
Stars from the Cincinnati Opera sang tunes from Les Mis

The event is a great way to see what the Ballet, Opera, and May Festival Chorus are all about.  I have to say my favorite part was the Opera’s rendition of “Master of the House” – which was amazing!

getting ready for Lumenocity

As the evening progressed and the sun went down, the Cincinnati Symphony and the Cincinnati Pops started to play and Music Hall became the center of attention.

music hall right before Lumenocity

We all admire and love our Music Hall! But I would venture to say you’ve NEVER seen her like this before…

Lumenocity at Music Hall in Cincinnati

The “light show” was stunning… amazing… phenomenal. The lights were projected from a large trailer on Race Street (all the way across Washington Park) and the orchestra performed under a tent right in front of Music Hall.

The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra performs

But they didn’t let that distance stop them from putting on an amazing synchronized show!

Lumenocity at Music Hall Cincinnati

Every once in a while I realized – geez, that is LIVE MUSIC! The Symphony’s performance was flawless.

Lumenocity at Music Hall Cincinnati

The light show portion of the evening lasted well over 30 minutes and was completely mind-blowing.

Lumenocity at Music Hall Cincinnati

It was one of those nights where you’re PROUD TO LIVE IN CINCINNATI!!!

You can catch LumenoCity yourself on Saturday and Sunday, August 3 and 4, 2013. The event is free and starts at 8:30pm both nights. LumenoCity takes place at Washington Park and Music Hall downtown (Elm and Race Streets near 13th/14th).

Here are some tips for you in case you’re going to LumenoCity. Keep in mind your experience may be different and this is all based on my own experiences from Saturday’s show.

1. Takes chairs
2. Arrive early. We got there around 6pm on Saturday night and just hung out at the park. We had no problem getting a spot at that point. I know a lot of people want to return again tonight so pack something to do and plan to get there EARLY, early, early.
3. If you don’t mind NOT seeing the orchestra, singers, and dancers, sit all the way in the back; the light show is best from there.
4. Go to the potty and get your drinks EARLY. The lines were crazy long by about 7:30.  I read they’re adding more PortaPotties today so that will help.
5. You can take food in with you. You can not take in alcohol. You can, however, purchase wine and beer there.  Food trucks were around and there are a few food booths in the park.
6. If you choose to sit in the middle of the park, be sure to get up and use the facilities early and adjust your intake from there.  The park goes really dark for the light show and you will have one heck of a time getting in and out of your spot in the middle.

8 thoughts on “LumenoCity”

  1. hello! my sister just told me about your blog, and she was there last night. she said to check out your pictures, and they are amazing! thanks for the information about going tonight. we might!

  2. The show was amazing. I would definitely recommend getting there early. We got there about 7 and it was already pretty much a madhouse, particularly around the bathrooms/ food/ drinks areas. The food trucks had crazy lines and were running out of some food. We managed to get one that wasn’t running out, but instead took almost an hour- so I would suggest taking a peek in each food truck to make sure how many people are working, how much hustle they seem to have going, and basically just how quickly it seems like they’re moving food out. The lines looked long but most of them were moving… we just happened to get in one that wasn’t and wasted a ton of time waiting on one slow guy running the truck 🙁

    I would also suggest that if you want to sit in the middle, you need to stake out your spot early and do your best to avoid leaving that spot for any reason within about an hour of the concert starting. Getting in and out around people’s blankets, chairs, food, kids, etc. gets a little crazy, and the lines for everything are ridiculous by that point anyway!

    Definitely worth it- great music, amazing lighting effects unlike anything I’ve seen before- but expect 10,000 people or more and plan accordingly!

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