1000 Hands Playground in Pleasant Ridge

Oh, 1000 Hands Playground… I can’t believe that I am just finding you!

1000 Hands Park in Pleasant Ridge

Located in Pleasant Ridge, this place is definitely a dream park for kids!

1000 Hands Playground

1000 Hands Playground has everything a child could want in a park. Built like a castle, the playground has all kinds of nooks and cubby holes for pretend play. Kids can bounce, slide, run, chase, and balance to their heart’s content!

Instruments at 1000 Hands Playground

And parents will love that most of the climbing structures are easily accessible for an adult sized body.

View from above at 1000 Hands Playground

The playground features play areas for kids of all sizes. Part of the playground has structures that are just the right size for a toddler or pre-schooler. They have monkey bars perfectly sized for big kids.

toddler area at 1000 Hands Playground

There’s even a section of the park that’s basically an outdoor room that’s nearly enclosed for parents with crawlers or “barely walkers” to play (with lots of bench space).

swings at 1000 Hands Playground

There’s plenty of bench space throughout the playground. They do have some picnic tables and a few grills too.

fields for play at 1000 Hands Playground

Surrounding the playground you’ll find lots of grassy fields. The surrounding park includes 5 tennis courts, an adult baseball field, a youth baseball field, and a soccer field.

tennis courts in Pleasant Ridge
ball fields in Pleasant Ridge

1000 Hands Playground is adjacent to the Pleasant Ridge Recreation Center. The Rec Center itself has indoor classes and activities including a fitness area and a gym.

Sprinklers at Pleasant Ridge Rec Center

There is an outdoor deep water pool with a diving board and a shallow wading pool. There’s a sprinkler area as well. The Rec Center and the pool facilities do have an admission fee.

They have restrooms inside at the Rec Center. I was not able to find any other restrooms. Please let me know if you know of some that I missed.

Be sure to look for the Little Lending Library at the edge of the playground!

Little Free Library in Pleasant Ridge

1000 Hands Playground can be found at 5915 Ridge Road in Pleasant Ridge

The Pleasant Ridge Rec Center is also located at 5915 Ridge Road

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  1. There are two more 1000 Hands in Cincinnati. One under the I471 bridge and the other at Dunham Recreation Center in Price Hill.

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