Mt. Airy Forest and Treehouse

It’s Day 95 of 365 Things to do in Cincinnati and today we’re at the Mt. Airy Forest, home of The Treehouse.

mt airy forest treehouse

Mt. Airy forest is the largest of the Cincinnati Parks system parks.  It spans 1,470 acres and features 14 miles of hiking trails, 16 miles of bridle trail and 23 picnic areas.  Once pasture and farming land, this forest was “manmade” via reforestation efforts over the years.

But what we went out to see was the Mt. Airy Forest Treehouse.

mt airy forest treehouse entrance

The Treehouse is completely handicapped accessible, as you can see in the picture above.  The entrance to the treehouse is right off the adjacent parking area.  There are no steps anywhere.  This Treehouse is accessible by a series of ramps.

mt airy forest treehouse

The Treehouse was built in 2003.  It is over 100 square feet with over 12 trees connected to it.  It is the only public treehouse in the Tri-State area.

mt airy forest treehouse inside

The Treehouse is set amongst the trees and makes you feel as if you’re deep in a forest.  Trees protrude up through the treehouse.  They even incorporated branches within the windows.

When you’re done playing at the playhouse, follow the signs to the Mt. Airy Forest Arboretum.

mt airy forest arboretum

The grounds of the arboretum are very picturesque.  The plantings are just gorgeous.  This area would be a wonderful place to have a family portrait made or even for wedding pictures.

mt airy forest greenspace

Mt. Airy Forest, the Treehouse and the Arboretum are all part of the Cincinnati Parks System.

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9 thoughts on “Mt. Airy Forest and Treehouse”

  1. I took my son for the first time, It was very dirty and there were grown adults signing their names to it like it was a bathroom wall at a truck stop

  2. NICE! Thanks for posting about this. It’s fairly close to us here in College Hill and I had no idea it existed. I think we’ll check it out this weekend.


  3. I hope you like it, Jim. Mt. Airy Forest also has a nice Disk Golf Course if you’re into that.

  4. Thanks for posting all the wonderful things to do in Cincinnati. Never knew there was so much. to do. Thanks for 365 Cincinnati. LOVE IT!

  5. 365 Cincinnati is a wonderful site and thank you for all your hard work maintaining this avenue for all of us! To do such a thing takes a great deal of diligence – my hat’s off to you!

    For those who complain about the graffiti, and certainly if you were watching someone defile such a great work: have you volunteered yet? Did you do something to stop that idiot? Complaining about the graffiti does nothing to stop or make it better. What can YOU do to clean it up? It’s a public park and not many funds are provided to make things better. It relies primarily on the good will of the people who notice things need to change.

    Why do I speak out? Because my brother and I blazed (and he mapped accurately) all 12 miles of trail E in BOTH directions last year when we noticed it wasn’t well marked and not correctly mapped. We didn’t complain, we did something about it. Now it’s YOUR turn.

  6. Thank you so much for posting all the wonderful things to do in and around Cincinnati! You provide a great service.

    It is a shame that others choose to deface not only the tree house, but other things in this lovely city park. Maybe we can come up with a way to correct the destruction? I think as a community we might be able to find a way to repair what has been defaced.

  7. The accessible tree house was a project developed with the assistance of the Rotary Club of Cincinnati. We are one of the oldest and largest business networking organizations in the city of Cincinnati. Our over 300 members are dedicated to helping children in the tri-state and around the globe. From our local monthly hands-on-service projects, our annual fundraiser at the Montgomery Inn Boathouse outdoor terrace (Believe 2 Achieve) to providing solar powered water wells in Ethiopia, we’re all about “Service Above Self”!

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