EnterTRAINment Junction and the Amazen Fun House

It’s Day 296 of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and today we’re featuring an exciting place for kids of all ages – Entertrainment Juncion.

entertrainment junction
entertrainment junction
beautiful lobby area just inside the doors

Did you know that the world’s largest indoor train display is right in our own backyard?  That’s right – Entertrainment Junction houses the world’s largest indoor train display.  With more than 90 trains and 1200 cars going over 2 miles of track, you’re sure to get your fill of trains around here!  All the trains are G-Scale (garden) and all the surrounding displays were created to scale as well.  Just look at how realistic their attention to the appropriate scale makes in their displays…

entertrainment junction

Can you believe that’s part of the modern day train display?  If you didn’t know any better, wouldn’t you guess that to be a picture of a US city?

entertrainment junction

The trains are spectacular and so is the scenery that surrounds them.  The train displays are broken up into “eras”.  You’ll see civil war scenery and coal towns.  You’ll see farming valleys, river towns (above), cities of yesterday (below, notice the Woolworth’s store?) and cities of today.

entertrainment junction

All of their scenery is hand crafted by volunteers.  I know the star of the show is the train display but I was amazed by the gorgeous scenery and settings that covered the entire place.   The attention to detail was amazing!  Look at the picture below and you’ll see even the insides of the buildings are “decorated” with people and furnishings.

entertrainment junction
entertrainment junction

Within the train displays you’ll find The American Railroading Museum.  You’ll find life sized train wheels and train equipment, trivia kiosks, and learn all about how trains have helped shape our society.

entertrainment junction train museum

And they even have a pit stop for the little ones, a playground area with interactive train toys and rides plus a huge climbing structure.

entertrainment junction

And if that’s not enough to get you out there, how about this?  Entertrainment Junction is opening an entire new wing – The A-Maze-N Funhouse.  The grand opening is on Saturday, March 5, 2011.  I can easily say that this “circus midway” area was fantastic.  It’s like nothing else around.  There are four attractions within the Funhouse – The Curtain Maze, The Clown School, The Mirror Maze and the Black Hole.  The Curtain Maze is a huge maze with walls made of curtain strips.  You step from room to room, each wall being made of brightly colored curtain strips.  The second maze area is even tougher…. The Mirror Maze.

entertrainment junction amazen funhouse

Look down the mirrored aisles and they appear to go on forever.  Step a few feet into the maze and you’re sure to lose your bearings!  Every wall is a mirror and it is really tough to determine where there’s a mirrored wall and where there’s an opening.  Incredible and loads of fun!

But the real star of the show (at least to me) was The Clown College.  Leave your perceptions at the door when you step into this place because what you think you see will be shaken up in here.  Stripes, diagonals, sloped rooms – all of these combine to mess with your brain :).  Just look at the illusions created in this room….  All pictures below are unaltered.  Both men were equidistant from the camera too!

entertrainment junction amazen funhouse
entertrainment junction amazen funhouse

And then there’s the Black Hole… a room full of black lights, strobes, and fun “in the dark” surprises.

What I particularly love about the Funhouse is that it gives the older kids something to enjoy.  You could certainly take your little ones with you through the Funhouse but the kids that are really going to enjoy this are the ones in the middle – and teens as well.  Even the adults will love it.  I had a blast!

Entertrainment Junction and the Amazen Funhouse are located at 7379 Squire Court in West Chester (right off I-75)

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  1. I’ve never been in either and would really like to take my Nephew! I think he would really enjoy it!

  2. I took my 3 year old son there at Christmas to see their free train display and he loved it! I’d love to take him back and go through the entire place!

  3. I haven’t been….but my wife was just talking about checking this place out last night! Looks like fun for all…

  4. We have always wanted to go. Our duaghter was just there with the family that she nanny’s for and said that we need to plan a trip real soon…our 9 year old would love it!

  5. Thank you for the sneak peak inside. I knew there were trains and such but wasn’t really sure what to expect once we got in. We live very close by and have been considering going for a long time. My son will be 4 next week and this would be a wonderful place to visit. I think all 5 of my kiddos would love it!
    (A few free tickets would make it much more affordable! Family of 7 is hard to get into places.)

  6. We have never been to, or even heard of Entertrainment until you posted this… and I used to work in West Chester, really! Thanks for sharing. We loved the video and will definitely have to check this place out!!!

  7. We went in Dec 2010. The display was very impressive. It appears as if they are constantly evolving the city-scapes. There are little bits of wry humor hidden in the displays that I found amusing. (I’m sure my kids didn’t even notice.) The holiday activities were fun for the kids, and they loved the play area. Definitely worth the trip, and it looks like it would be worth going again.

  8. My 10 yr old would love this! Anything to do with using your imagination, he is all over!! Thanks for the info.

  9. We’ve been to their holiday display and it was fun, but so crowded. I’d love to take the kids again at a less frenzied time.

  10. I was just there on Monday with my grandson. This was our third time there, and I still haven’t seen it all! They did not have the Funhouse open yet, so I am very interested in returning! And I have 3 other grandsons to take anyway.

  11. What a fun place for young and old alike. Would love to share this with our granddaughter. She woud love it!

  12. I’ve never been to Entertrainment Junction, but I’ve thought about it countless times. I don’t have any kids to take but if I had a set of free tickets, I’d definitely go! The fun house looks looks awesome!

  13. We have never been but hear great things about the place!! We are in that area of town all the time and I always look at going sometime. I believe that when the weather is warm, there is an outdoor train to take the kids for a ride, you can see it when you get off the I-75 exit.

  14. I’ve been wanting to go with my grandsons but wasn’t sure if they are old enough to enjoy it. From what I’ve read in your post as well as the comments, I believe it will be perfect! Can’t wait to go now.

  15. i have never been but am dying to g. i have always loved trains and had a train track when i was a kid. i would love to see the modal trains and the fun house. i would love to go with my friend and his son it would be a great time.

  16. We took the kids for the first time this year, but the FunHouse was closed. We’d love to go again. My 4yr old loves trains and Thomas. Its Thomas the Train month at EJ.

  17. We’ve never been, but have always wanted to go. My almost 4 year old is in live with trains and I know would have a blast!

  18. We love EnterTRAINment Junction. We visited last spring and then in Dec. Each time we go my girls can’t wait to go back and keep asking me over and over again. We bought my Dad a 4 pass pack since he loves trains. Great place for kids! Can’t wait to see the new funhouse.

  19. I took my kids over the summer and they are begging to go back. Would love to win the tickets!

  20. I haven’t been able to take my 3 year old son yet, but I know he will love the experience! he is crazy about trains, and he would bring his one year old sister along 🙂

  21. I’ve never been, but 2 of my 3 kids have been with their grandma. Would LOVE to take them myself!

  22. Our family has never been to Entertrainment Junction. My children would love this, especially my two year old son who is obsessed with trains right now.

  23. I have never been, but plan to go the last weekend of this month when my 5-year old nephew comes to visit me and my husband! He was adopted by my sis-in-law and her husband last year. They live in Chicago, so we’re planning a weekend of fun events…this will be one of them!

  24. Haven’t been yet, have family of 6. Would love to go, we’ve looked into it a couple times and just hasn’t worked out for us yet. 🙁 Hopefully soon!!

  25. Hmmm… I haven’t been for awhile, but perhaps its time to go back. I’ve taken my 4 yr old grandson there a few times, and thought it was terribly overpriced for what they offer the little ones. Unless you’re willing to carry a 4 yr old around, they can’t see up into the train area because it’s so high up. The play area is nice, but not worth the $10+ admission for a 4 yr. old. Perhaps the new additions will make it more fun and worth the money… or do they charge extra? Every time we’ve gone they charge extra for anything that’s outside the main train room and playground. On a scale of 1 to 10, I have to say, I rate it a 3.

  26. We have never been and it’s on our list if places to go as my 3 year old son us obsessed with trains!!

  27. No!
    I had no idea such a cool place was right in my own back yard!
    You can bet I’ll be taking the kiddies to check this out.
    And thanks for posting the pics!

  28. I’ve been once and my children loved it, but I find it to be a bit pricey with four children so I haven’t been back. They would love it if I won tickets so that they could go again!

  29. Haven’t been, but I have a train addict in the house, so clearly we need to go! Thanks for letting us know about this.

  30. No, I haven’t been there – this is the first time I’ve heard of this place. My son would love it!

  31. We took our 6yr old to Entertrainment Junction and he said it was the best day of his whole life!! Awesome place for kids AND adults!!!

  32. Not yet and I used to live right by it. I’ve been wanting to go though…it sounds like a fun date!

  33. I have never been. I have a family member who loves trains. He even made a train track going around his basement ceiling!! The kids would love it too!

  34. My daughter loves this place! We went for the holiday junction but missed Santa a couple of years ago and went for the fall layout last year. Would love to see the spring layout.

  35. I haven’t been, but I drive by it all the time. Now that I know there is so much to see, I’ll have to take my niece and nephew!

  36. My husbend and I love to go to random places, I am surprised that we have never even heard of this one! That’s why I befriended you my friends, so yall can help us find more things to get into! Thanks Valerie

  37. Sounds like a great place, can’t wait to go! I have always loved trains and would really enjoy the Clown College.

  38. No! But I saw a commerical just the other day and after reading this definitely want to go – thanks

  39. I’ve drove by it many times- never knew it had so much!
    This is totally now on the list of places to take my nieces!

  40. I’ve taken my grandkids a couple times and they love it. The 1, 2, 3, and 5 year olds like the play area the best but I love the train display.

  41. Looks like a great place for my kids to have fun and learn @ the same time especially in the Ohio weather!

  42. WOW! This looks so exciting. We’ve never been but I’ve seen it and thought about it. It would be a great place to take my little brother for his birthday next week!

  43. YES! It was so much fun! My 3 yr old just loves trains and this place! The play area is so fun as well. We can never get enough of it and can’t wait to go back soon.

  44. Haven’t been but would like to. We’ve driven by and it looks interesting. I think my son and even my daughters would like it.

  45. This sounds like a great place, I would love to check it out and take my friends kids , they would have so much fun.

  46. I live less than a mile from here and have never been. My 3 boys are sure to enjoy it though!

    Thanks for giving us an insiders peek at the coolness!

  47. I have never been but very much looking forward to taking my nephews when they come for their yearly visit.

  48. I have not been there yet. And yet I can’t figure out why. My father (65, kettering) and I (32, loveland)) have a rutual of setting up his O-gauge and his O-72 gauge tracks that his father bought in the 30’s. Beautiful toy relics that still run well today. My first born is due May 21, and I can’t wait for both of us to enjoy the train. I’m pretty sure when he is old enough we will own passes. I should check it out first with “grandpa”…

  49. I would love those tickets! We have six in our family so we haven’t been able to go yet, but really want to so badly! We hope we are picked! It would be so much fun!

  50. I think I was there two Halloweens ago when they had their haunted house. We had a blast and do want to go back!

  51. My family loves Entertainment Junction! My 4 year old asks everyday when we are going to go back. Please pick me so we can introduce my 2 year old to it also!

  52. I have heard about this and have never gone. I live in Columbus, and am planning a trip in the near future. I seems like it is worth the drive. I cannot wait to see the craftiness of the set ups. The Fun House sounds like a great attraction, especially with mazes! I hope to see you soon.

  53. I’ve been once, a couple years ago, when my son enjoyed the fun play area WAY more than the trains, I’d love to go back and show him how cool the trains are, too – while also now showing his little brother how fun that play area is, too.

  54. I have not been but very curious about this place! I have a three yr who would love it! I have had several friends tell me I should go. I hope to win the free tickets so I can take my kids and check out this place!!

  55. Have heard about this place but never knew where it was located. Would love to be able to see the fantastic train display.

  56. I have been there once with my two year old, Walker. He adores trains! We could hardly peel him off the indoor train.

  57. Haven’t been there…but from your pics, it looks like lots of fun for eveyone. I’m sure my grandkids would love it. Thx for the info. <3 365….

  58. We have never been there, which is probably neglectful as we have two small boys! This is definitely getting added to the ‘to do’ list!

  59. We haven’t been there yet. All of our kids LOVE trains and can’t wait to go.
    Looks like loads of fun for all ages. 🙂

  60. This looks perfect as an outing with grandchildren, and the biggest train buff of them all, my hubby, while I am anxious to tour the fun house! !

  61. We have never been due to our current budget, but we would love to take our kids one day!

  62. We moved here a few months ago and haven’t gotten to go yet! With 2 young boys, it’s definitely on our “to do” list!

  63. I visited with my grandson a couple years ago and am looking forward to coming back this spring to see to see the a mazn funhouse with him. He is old enough now to really appreciate the outstanding train displays.
    “Hi J.R.”

  64. I have two children, but my husband is the biggest kid of all! We would all love to visit Entertrainment Junction as we have not yet been there!

  65. My family has been here before but it looks like there have been many changes since we were last there. My son asks to go there all the time, hoping to save up for a family outing there soon.

  66. What an “Amazen” place! Would love for my great nephews to see this. They LOVE trains (what little boy doesn’t, right?).

  67. We went shortly after it openned but haven’t been back. My train loving husband and son really enjoyed it!

  68. I have not been to Entertrainment Junction, but I know my daughter and nephews would LOVE it!!!

  69. We have not been. We have been aching to take our grandson, who is very nearly four. It is on the top of our list of spectacular things to do very soon!


  70. I have not been to Entertrainment Junction but have always wanted to visit!! My 4 year old would LOVE it! 🙂

  71. Its my birthday and my boyfriend (who is an engineer) is coming in to town this weekend! We have both always wanted to visit Entertainment Junction. So FREE tickets would be a GREAT Bday present!!

  72. I’ve not been there,thinking it was for young children,but now that I’ve seen the photos,I want to go!!!

  73. I have a little boy and his fifth birthday is coming up on the eighteenth of march. We have not been able to go yet and would love to it seems like the perfect place for a littke boy witha a big imagination!

  74. I have a little boy and his fifth birthday is coming up. We have not been able to go yet but what a great place it would be to take a little boy with a big imagination!

  75. I’ve only been to the part that was free. My grandson wanted to go at Christmas time and we just didn’t have the extra dollars to go into the “pay display”. He’s ten years old and has been a train nut since he was old enough to enjoy Thomas. We went to see Thomas in Lebanon every year until he decided that he was to old. He also loves the display at Cincinnati Bell and Johnny’s Toys. He loves trains!!

  76. We haven’t been there but my sister-in-law takes her son frequently and I’m sure my son would love to find out what Nicholas is so excited about!

  77. Thank you for the opportunity to win tickets! We went back in October and would love to go back.

  78. I’ve hear about it, but I’ve never been. My 5 year old daughter would enjoy going–I’ll have to make the trip north sometime.

  79. I have not been there yet, but my son has been asking me to take him. Hoping to make it there soon!

  80. We are some what new to Cincinnati and have not visited yet. Heard it was a great place to experience family fun. I think I can speak for my family by saying we look forward to visiting Entertrainment Junction one day soon.

  81. We have never been there but my boys would LOVE it!!! My oldest is crazy about trains and my youngest loves anything with wheel 🙂 Would love the chance to go!!!

  82. We have never been there but so would LOVE to go! Our son is almost 3 and loves Everything trains! I would be fantabulous to get those tickets….a wonderful and memorable day for our kiddos and us parents;)

  83. I have never been and my daughter loves trains and her birthday is next week I would love to be able to take her.

  84. Okay, maybe I am like a big kid but the fun house looks, well FUN! I guess my kids would probably like it too. ; ) I bet my boys would like the train area and the whole family would like the fun house. What a great idea for indoor fun. Thanks for sharing.

  85. We just saw the commercial for this yesterday. My children were so excited that they made me keep rewinding to watch it over and over again. They have already decided that we are going! Lol! I never knew about Entertainment Junction prior to this. This is definitely what the Tri-state needs. Are there funnel cakes?

  86. We have been there. In fact my 2 year old son has a healthy obsession with trains. It usually comes down to bribary just to get him to leave.

  87. My 20 month old has just begun his obsession with trains, so this would be perfect place to take him! Choo Choo!!

  88. We took our grandson yesterday and had a terrific time. There is a nice balance between the amazing professional train yard for adult train enthusiasts and the kid friendly romping train play area for kids. They even wisely set aside an area especially for very little ones. This was a terrific suggestion — thanks!

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