Dog Friendly Places in Cincinnati

Note: Some spots have updated their dog policies due to COVID-19. Please call your destination ahead of your visit to check on any rule changes.

Laura Rue, a 365Cincinnati reader, recently asked, “Have you all ever done a list of restaurants or businesses in Cincinnati that allow dogs (other than the obvious like pet stores)? If not, would you consider doing one? Now that Spring is upon us the pup and I are in the mood for adventures!”

We asked our Facebook “fans” if they had any suggestions of places you could go with “man’s best friend” and here’s the list they suggested. I think it’s safe to say that your pup should be on a leash at each of these locations.

Dogs Welcome Here

Did we miss your favorite place to take your pup? If so, leave your suggestion in the comments below or shoot us an email.

Braxton Brewing Co. – your dog is more than welcome to accompany you into the taproom as long as he/she is leashed and up to date on shots; you can also have pets out on the patio

Queen City Radio – most of their space is outdoors anyway, enjoy it with your dog

Dilly Cafe in Mariemont – dogs are more than welcome to come enjoy the outdoor patio with you

Eli’s BBQ, Eastern Ave. – don’t forget “man’s best friend” while you try out some BBQ, a summer time classic; you will need to go inside to order and dogs are not permitted there so plan ahead

Dogs are allowed on the porch at Big Ash Brewing in Anderson
Big Ash Brewing in Anderson

Big Ash Brewery welcomes dogs on the outdoor patio.

Findlay Market Biergarten – don’t let your dog miss out on the food and fun that is Findlay Market in the summertime

FlipDaddy’s – dogs are welcome outside, and a dog menu is available so your furry best friend can enjoy the meal with you

The Growler House – they have a dog friendly patio, and have even hosted events with Save the Animals Foundation

Hang Over Easy – sit outside with your dog on the patio (space permitting)

Keystone Bar & Grill – dogs are welcome at the Covington location (outside on the patio) and they also provide dog bowls to quench your pup’s thirst while you eat some of their delicious mac and cheese

The Littlefield – dogs are more than welcome outside on the patio

Lucky Dog Grille in Mason – not only can your pooch hang our with you on the patio, they even have a menu for dogs

Westside Brewing – dogs are allowed to come hang out on Wednesdays

Liberty’s Bar & Bottle – your pup can join in on the fun at this dog-friendly spot in OTR

Oakley Pub and Grill – dogs are welcome on the patio when it is open, or at the picnic tables (but you have to come inside to order)

Pins Bar – bring your four legged friend along to play some classic arcade games (who do you think will win?)

MadTree Brewing
The porch at MadTree Brewing

MadTree Brewing Company – let your dog come along and relax as you enjoy the summer sunshine in the outdoor spaces

Unwind Bar in Hyde Park – don’t forget to bring your puppy along to hang out on the patio

Rusty Bucket in Rookwood – friendly pups are welcome on the patio

W XYZ Bar – stop by for happy hour with your four legged friend, and go for a walk around Newport on the Levee

Dogs on the patio at MadTree Brewing

The Corner Pub – your dog will enjoy the live music acts, too!

3 Spirits Tavern – enjoy some drinks, flatbread, and outdoor games in the dog-friendly side yard in Bellevue, Kentucky

Darkness Brewing – another dog friendly spot in Bellevue, Kentucky to enjoy some brews and quality time with your furry friend

Grassroots and Vine – Grab some food inside before enjoying the sunshine on the patio with your pup

We did contact each of these places about their pet-friendly policy. It would be best, however, if you check yourself before heading out as things do change.

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26 thoughts on “Dog Friendly Places in Cincinnati”

  1. Neon’s in OTR is also dog-friendly. Big outdoor space with lots of shade. Plenty of people bring their dogs there.

  2. Mac’s on the Pike allows any size well behaved dog on their upper outdoor deck. There are a lot of steps, tho, so keep that in mind.
    Great pub food and a big beer menu.

  3. Arlin’s on Ludlow in Clifton will allow dogs both inside the bar and outside on their patio!

  4. The Oak, Oakley Pub and Habit’s in Oakley all have dog friendly patios, as does Brazenhead Irish Pub in Mason.

  5. Neons used to let you bring your dog out back on the lawn. Not sure if that’s changed or not.

  6. Also, most banks (places where you keep your money) are dog friendly as well.
    My bank is only 1/2 mile from my house and they keep treats there to give my dog. I think it gives the bank a personal touch.

  7. My Frenchie is welcomed in Home Depot (Pleasant Ridge location) all the time. I’ve seen dogs in the Kenwood Nordstrom, but have never taken mine in the mall & don’t know their policy.

  8. Delicio in Montgomery is also dog friendly on their patio. I think dogs have to be under a certain weight (and obviously well-behaved) but the staff is always very welcoming to our dog! They bring him a bowl of water while we eat.

    Sammy’s in Blue Ash is also dog friendly on their patio. We like to take our dog to Summit Dog Park then have lunch or dinner at Sammys 🙂

  9. I bring my dogs to RP McMurphys (they get kicked out at 9 on Wednesdays, not sure about other nights) and also they are allowed inside at Proof over in Mount Lookout. Mount Lookout tavern allows dogs on the patio as well.

  10. Mad Tree Brewery in Oakley allows dogs on their patio as well. Great drinks with a nice atmosphere!

  11. Jefferson social at the banks and halfcut (next to Gomez tacos) in OTR are two of our favorite places to go with our pup!

  12. I would like to know if there are any businesses like JoAnn Fabrics and Michael’s craft and THOSE kinds of non-food/beverage businesses that are pet-friendly (not just service dogs).

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