Clippard Park

It’s Day 167 of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and today we went to Clippard Park.  Located the northern section of Colerain Township, this park is completely new in 2010.

clippard park colerain township

Clippard Park is part of the Colerain Township Park system.  The entire park was recently redeveloped and just reopened this week.  This 15 acre park includes a paved walking trail as well as a great childrens’ play area.  The play area is surrounded by swinging benches and picnic tables.  It includes the typical “jungle gym” type climbing structures plus swingsets and great sand play areas complete with a manual “back hoe”.

clippard park colerain township

The childrens’ play area also includes a splash park.  You’ll see the water is flowing in my picture.  I believe the water park part was only open today because the park district was tinkering with the flow (the park is newly opened remember).  The park signage says that the water park is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

clippard park water feature

They have numerous picnic tables around the grounds plus two very nice covered pavilion areas which can be rented (see info here).

clippard park colerain township

The new park has two baseball fields as well as a full court basketball set up.

And as you approach the back end of the park you’ll find what may make this a very popular spot – the skate park.  I was at the park on a Thursday at about 10am and there was quite a crowd of skateboarders there trying out the new skate park.

I enjoyed my stop at the newly re-opened Clippard Park.

Clippard Park is located at 10243 Dewhill Lane

Colerain Parks require a vehicle sticker for entrance.

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  1. Could you send a PDF of the page about Clippard Park – I want to use it for a submittal to the Ohio Parks and Recreation Association “Awards of Distinction” program?

    Kevin Schwartzhoff, Director
    Colerain Township Parks dept.

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