Spring Arrives at Eden Park

I recently headed out to the Krohn Conservatory for the opening of the Butterfly Show and was quite surprised to see this beautiful spectacle at Eden Park…

Magnolia Trees Blooming at Eden Park

Yes, the magnolia trees are starting to bloom!

Eden Park in the Spring
Spring Blooms at Eden Park

It was a rainy day when I took these pics (April 3, 2015) so the skies were drab and gray. But that certainly allowed these flowering trees to steal the show that day!

Magnolia Blooms on Branches at Eden Park

This is probably going to be a great week to head to Ault Park too, my favorite place for spring blooms.

Magnolia Blooms at Eden Park

Even the Forsythia was putting on a show.

Eden Park Gazebo near Mirror Lake

For your reference, these pictures were all taken on April 3, 2015. Eden Park is just one of our great Cincinnati Parks.

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