Mazunte Taqueria

I recently had lunch with a friend and she suggested that we meet at Mazunte. I’d heard great things about them but hadn’t been yet. I was definitely excited about the chance to finally try Mazunte.

Pulling up, I have to say I was surprised to find that Mazunte occupies the end spot in a short strip mall type of place. It wasn’t what I was expecting but I quickly got over any reservations I had once I walked in.

Mazunte Tacos in Cincinnati Ohio

The’ve made very good use of the space. They’ve transformed it into a bright space with an “urban street art” vibe. As you enter, you go right to read their menu and place your order (at the counter/register). After that you grab a seat and they deliver your freshly cooked meal to your table. Single seats along counters go down the right of the space and tables and chairs go down the left. They also have outside seating for warmer days.

The kitchen is open and you can watch as they prepare your meal.

The open kitchen concept at Mazunte

And where can you get fresh pressed tortillas and freshly made salsa? At Mazunte’s Salsa Bar, that’s where! And I mean fresh. You can actually stand there and watch someone press tortillas.

Mazunte salsa bar
Salsa Bar at Mazunte

Mazunte owner Josh Wamsley has quite a story about how he came to prepare for the concept. He says, “So I set out for Mexico with a fearless objective to live, to work and to learn everything I could about the food, the history and the culture of this undeniably unique country — from salsa to Benito Juarez to Posadas… I landed the first job I applied for, as an English professor with a university in a small town located in the foothills of the Sierra Sur. Within a few weeks’ time, there I was, in my new Oaxacan landlord’s kitchen, learning how to prepare enchiladas verdes and molotes with chorizo. And so it went for the next 10 months. I ate everything I could and traveled to Chiapas, Puebla and Mexico City in search of exciting, bold flavors. I learned from “grandmothers,” friends, students and street vendors. The locals fully embraced me. They took me in, cooked for me, showed me how to navigate the markets and gave me access to ancient family recipes that date back centuries. These remarkable people taught me everything I wanted to know, without ever once asking for or expecting anything in return.” (taken from The Story of Muzunte)

Enchiladas at Mazunte

I would have to say that his “work in the field” definitely paid off. I enjoyed the Enchiladas (pictured above). You can choose from chicken or pork served “verde” (green) OR “coloradito” (red) with Mexican cheese, crema, fresh spinach, onion and queso fresco (fresh cheese) along side white rice. It was fantastic and one of the best Mexican meals I’ve had in town.

lunch at Mazunte

And my lunch date had Tostadas which come with chorizo or chicken, black bean puree, crema, fresh spinach, red onion salsa and avocado salsa. You know you’re with a good friend when she waits to dig in until after you take pictures of all the food :).

I will definitely go back. I’d love to sit out on their patio some day soon and enjoy a Margarita and some fresh chips and salsa. I should really just go ahead and put that on the calendar!

Mazunte is located at 5207 Madison Road, Suite 100

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