Day 217 – Taft Museum of Art

It’s Day 217 of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and today we visited the Taft Museum of Art.  We went there tonight for the opening of their new exhibit “Antique Christmas”

Taft museum of art cincinnati

The Taft Museum of Art is located downtown.  It sits beside Lytle Park and below Mt. Adams.  “The Taft Museum was home to Anna Taft and Charles Phelps Taft from 1873 until their respective deaths in 1931 and 1929. In 1908, Charles Phelps Taft’s half-brother, William Howard Taft accepted the nomination for U. S. president underneath the house’s portico. The Tafts bequeathed their historic home and private collection of 690 works of art to the people of Cincinnati in 1927. After extensive remodeling and updating, the Baum-Longworth-Taft House opened as the Taft Museum in 1932.” (from the Taft website).

Taft museum of art cincinnati

The Taft Museum is unlike any museum I’ve been in.  It has meandering halls and one room leads to another.  It was, after all, an actual house and it’s easy to see when you look at the layout.  But they have done an incredible job of making the rooms flow into one another, both with decor and artwork.

Taft museum of art cincinnati

The Antique Christmas Exhibit is interspersed all throughout the museum.  Many of the rooms have a Christmas item or two on display.

The dollhouse above was remarkable.  It had all kinds of tiny dolls and figures.  Bird cages hung from a string and wallpaper adorned the walls.

Taft museum of art cincinnatiThis Christmas tree is in the room opposite what used to serve as the house’s front door.  Also seen below,  it was the room in which Charles and Anna Taft were married.

Taft museum of art cincinnati

The Christmas decorations adorn the entire museum.  The colors used in the museum real play off the Christmas decor – lots of greens and reds.

Taft museum of art cincinnati

And of course there’s artwork too!  To think that the art in this museum was once a private collection is mind blowing!

Taft museum of art cincinnati

Taft museum of art cincinnati

And you might recognize this guy…

Taft museum of art cincinnati
William Howard Taft portrait

William Howard Taft was the younger half-brother to Charles Taft.  W.H. Taft accepted the nomination for the U.S. presidency from this house’s portico in 1908.

The Antique Christmas Exhibit runs from November 5, 2010 to January 9, 2011.
The Taft Museum does charge for admission (for those over 18) each day except for Sunday (Sundays are free)
They are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays
The Taft Museum is fully accessible to visitors with mobility impairment

The Taft Museum is located at 316 Pike Street downtown
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  1. I decided to visit the Taft Museum yesterday morning after seeing your initial post. I’ve lived in Cincinnati my entire life and had never been there before. It’s the perfect size for a quick museum visit and it is incredible to think that it was actually someone’s house. Thanks for highlighting the Taft Museum!

  2. I have always loved – since I was a child – attending the Christ Church Boar’s Head and Yule Log Festival. My father and brother were part of the cast in the 1940s, and our family has counted this (the weekend after Christmas Day) among our cherished traditions.

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