Where to Find the Best Pie in Cincinnati

Best Pies in Cincinnati

I recently reached out to the 365Cincinnati Facebook page readers and asked them to recommend their favorite place to get a slice of pie in Cincinnati. And then we went out for a little Pie Tour.

Check out what we found…

O Pie O

Honey Vinegar Pie at O Pie O in Walnut Hills

This place was mentioned over and over as having great pie… and you all were right! They’re known for their Honey Vinegar Pie (pictured above), a cream filling in a flaky crust. The top is just a bit crunchy (think Creme Brulee), giving the filling a great contrast of crunchy and smooth.

The handcrafted pies from O Pie O use the best in seasonal ingredients and they source locally whenever they can.

I was surprised to learn that O Pie O is not just about dessert. They offer a number of savory pies (chicken pot pie anyone?), empanadas, sandwiches, and salads. Wine and beer are on the menu and they even have a Happy Hour.

O Pie O can be found at 32 East 13th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45206

Hyde’s Restaurant

Hyde’s has to rank up there with one of my favorite finds. This place is an old school diner and well worth the drive (it’s in Hamilton).

Hydes Family Restaurant in Hamilton Ohio

We had lunch followed by the best Banana Cream Pie I’ve ever had – seriously. Whole banana slices are hidden in the creamy filling and the meringue on top! Just look at it!

Banana Cream Pie at Hyde's in Hamilton Ohio

You can buy pie by the slice or your can order an entire pie (call ahead to place your order for whole pies). You won’t be sorry!

Hyde’s Restaurant is located at 130 South Erie Highway in Hamilton, Ohio.

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Bluebird Bakery

Another fan favorite, Bluebird Bakery is in Glendale. They serve up all kinds of baked goodies and are well known for their pies.

Triple Berry Pie at Bluebird Bakery in Glendale Ohio

I had the Triple Berry Pie, covered in a beautiful lattice crust topper. It had a nice fruity punch and the fruit filling had the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness.

Bluebird Bakery in Glendale

Bluebird Bakery is located at 29 Village Square in Glendale

Good Pie Y’All

A Cincinnati pie list just wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Good Pie Y’All.

Located in a new Sharonville location, they offer up savory and sweet pies, salads, and full meals for pickup or delivery. Their menu changes often so be sure to check it out.

This is not your ordinary “eat in” restaurant. You’ll need to order your pies ahead of time and choose your time for pickup. Location for pickup varies between St. Paul UMC in Madeira and Sharonville Depot. They often offer delivery options as well.

image credit: Good Pie Y’All

Do YOU have any great pie places to recommend? Let us know in the comments.

14 thoughts on “Where to Find the Best Pie in Cincinnati”

  1. Storey’s restaurant. I guarantee you will love the atmosphere and homemade pies they are known for in Greensburg IN. We follow Cincinnati news so not too far to drive and a great town to visit.

  2. Piebird. At Covington Farmer’s market. They also sell to Folk School Coffee and The Gruff.

    Amazing pies. Simply amazing.

  3. I second this! They don’t have a brick and mortar shop but I’d love to see one some day. The best pecan I’ve ever had, bar none.

  4. Happy Pies. No brick and mortar, but you can find Beth the Owner and Baker at Findlay Market Saturday and Sundays. You can order online through Facebook or Instagram and she has several location pick ups.
    Let me just say firsthand that the crust on all of her pies, sweet and savory is the best crust imaginable… tiny chunks of butter in every bite…. mmmm Yummee. Pecan Pie, Key Lime and the Cherry – her mother’s recipe are my favorites.

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