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Folks, mark your calendar for this one because BLINK Cincinnati is THE “not to be missed” Cincinnati event for 2017.

BLINK is a new Cincinnati event, happening October 12-15.  BLINK is a four-day light and art show / event featuring more than 60 interactive art sculptures, projection mappings, murals and other light-based displays across 20 city blocks from Cincinnati’s Banks to Findlay Market. It will be one of the largest light and art events in the nation, featuring 25+ locations with large-scale projection mapping, murals, urban artscape, media light, interactive art and performers.

Details for BLINK Cincinnati:

When: 7pm-12am each night (October 12-15, 2017)
All shows and exhibits begin at sundown – approximately 7pm – and run until midnight.
Hospitality areas serving food and beverages will open at 6pm and remain open until midnight.

Getting Around: My plan = park in a favorite downtown parking area and take the streetcar (just $2/day/person for the streetcar). BLINK stops are all on the streetcar path. You can get on and off all evening with a day pass for the streetcar. In addition, you can rent a Red Bike. You can walk too if that’s your jam (fair warning – it spans 20 blocks).

Event Guide: Various spots around town are supposed to have paper event guides for you. You can also find an electronic version of the BLINK Event Guide online.

Tickets? Admission? BLINK is completely free and open to the public! Architects of Air will be BLINK’s only paid and ticketed attraction (see below for more info).

Best Time to Go: All projection mapping shows are between 3-10 mins in length and are on a continuous loop so you can arrive at any time.  Each night will feature the same shows and art installations. The only exception is the parade, which only takes place on Thursday at 7pm.


Here are just a few examples of over 70 animated light shows that will make up BLINK Cincinnati 2017.

It’s going to be a giant light show! Our city’s buildings will come alive for BLINK as art meets light meets brick. A number of our existing ArtWorks murals will light up as Brave Berlin and various other creatives project light shows specifically designed for each mural. Additional / new murals have been created just for Blink. Murals that will be brought to life with light include the Charlie Harper mural (119 East Court Street), the “Lookin’ Good” mural at the Know Theater, the Rosemary Clooney mural on Pleasant Street, and many more.

Blink Cincinnati


The Pool at Washington Park:  a playful and engaging work of art that has been featured at more than 20 national and internationally-based light festivals in eight different countries. As visitors enter The Pool and step on the pads, effects of light and color come to life. The Pool encourages participation and play among all ages as users leap from one pad to another, using collaborative movement to create an enchanting environment.


Storybook (at the Public Library / 8th and Walnut), designed by Cincinnati architecture firm BHDP Architecture, is about re-discovering the magic of books and their ability to transport you to a different place. Two tree-lined paths will lead you to an open book featuring an illuminated diorama of white layers and light. Simple white silhouetted shapes will help you step inside a storybook as characters emerge from the pages.

Storybook, Part of BLINK Cincinnati


Architects of Air’s Luminarium at Washington Park: Architects of Air will offer dazzling mazes, winding paths and soaring domes in Cincinnati’s Washington Park. Tickets for Architects of Air will be $5 and go on sale in early October. Hours are 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Architects of Air will be BLINK’s only paid and ticketed attraction. Find more details and ticket info here.

Washington Park events for Blink


BLINK Cincinnati is free and open to the public. BLINK is produced by Agar, ArtWorks, Brave Berlin, The Carol Ann and Ralph V Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation and the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber.

Disclosure: Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber is a paid sponsor for the 365Cincinnati brand.

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  1. I have 8 and 10 yr olds that have no patience, so I have to plan well. Which areas are good to see during the day and which areas are far better at night? I’m thinking of starting late afternoon and staying for an hour or two of darkness. I don’t want to miss the best stuff. Any advice is appreciated.

    • The light shows don’t start until 7pm so keep that in mind (not sure what time you’re thinking of starting). Washington Park has the Architects of Air attraction that’s open until 7 so you could start there. Be aware that it’s the only thing that is NOT free; it’s $5. It is super cool though. Washington Park has a number of things to see and do. But there’s a lot to see around the Freedom Center (at The Banks) including the teeter totters which your kids will LOVE. We did not run into terrible crowds last night (except for the parade and that’s over now). If you can buy streetcar passes for everyone ($1 for two hours or $2 for all day), you could get on and off depending on the crowds at different areas. One tip: take a bag with waters and snacks. I wish I’d done that!

  2. Event sounds very interesting, but wish that there was a way to print out the map of the Event Guide and Map. All my attempts including doing a Print Screen and then cropping to fit WORD result in details and wording that are too small to read. Maybe next year you could make the Map and Legend into a couple of sections that would print easier.

  3. Please have your event where there aren’t any other major events going on. This was the opening weekend for the Cincinnati Pops, and it was more than challenging to find parking. It was very frustrating for those who attended the concert.

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