Day 186 – Winton Woods Walking Trails

It’s Day 186 of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and today I was out at one of my favorite places to walk, Winton Woods.  One of the wonderful Hamilton County Park District parks, this park has something for everyone.  And at this time of year it’s a great place to take in the scenery. winton woods hamilton county park district This park spans 2554 acres and has a 156 acre lake.  The paved walking trail circles all around the lake, making this one of the prettiest places to walk.  The entire path is paved and is very wide.  You can walk it, run it, bike it, or skate on it.  It’s stroller safe and wheelchair accessible too. winton woods hamilton county park distric You can park in one of their many lots.  They have parking on both sides of Winton Road.  They even have parking off their the main park at Harper’s Meadows (located off nearby Lakeside Drive).  Harper’s Meadows is a great open field area that has a number of picnic shelters as well as sand volleyball courts and play sets.  If you park at Harper’s Meadow, you can walk right down to the Winton Woods path that circles the lake. winton woods hamilton county park distric The path that circles the lake is 1.7 miles.  I add on the path that goes under Winton Road and heads west.  That will add on another 1.8 miles to the walk.  That section of the walk will take you past a few ponds, swings and more picnic shelters.  At the end of that trail there’s a parking lot and Kingfisher Trail (which goes into the woods). winton woods hamilton county park distric The picnic area above is right next to Kingfisher Trail.  You might notice that the parking lot goes right up to the walkway to this covered patio, making it wheelchair accessible.  This is all on the west side of Winton Road.  And right next to this parking lot I found this beautiful tree, which was almost pink in color… winton woods hamilton county park distric And it was on that same section of path that I came across this spectacle… winton woods hamilton county park distric Perched high up in a tree, I wondered if this guy was waiting for his supper.  He sat there as still as a stone.  At first I thought he was dead.  And then I thought it was an ornament on the bird house.  And then he moved. I also snapped this great picture of the fall flora… winton woods hamilton county park distric It’s a great time to enjoy the weather.  Get out there and take a walk.  Enjoy nature’s wonder! Winton Woods is located at 10245 Winton Road. The Hamilton County Parks require a vehicle sticker to enter.  The 2010 sticker price is $5.  The 2011 price is $10.  One pass per car and it lasts all year.  It will get you into all Hamilton County Park District Parks. You might also enjoy these nearby spots: Camping at Winton Woods – our Day 26 Parky’s Farm – our Day 72

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