Day 204 – Venice on Vine

It’s Day 204 of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and today we are featuring Venice on Vine. How can you have a great meal AND help people get back on their feet all in one shot?  Eat at Venice on Vine.  Venice on Vine is a great little pizza place located in the Gateway Quarter / Over the Rhine.  It sits amongst a group of shops and eateries on a section of Vine that has experienced tremendous growth over the last few years. We stopped in at Venice on Vine and were quite surprised by what we found.  I’ve walked by this shop a number of times but have never gone in.  Last night we stopped by in hopes of grabbing a quick piece of pizza and left with some great new friends. You see, Venice on Vine does a lot more than serve up good pizza (and the pizza was great!).  Venice on Vine is operated by “Power Inspires Progress”, a local group that operates small businesses in inner city areas.  These businesses, Venice on Vine being one of them, provide work for people who have employment barriers.  They take in people that may not have a high school diploma and have no solid work history and help them become more valuable to the work force. They provide academic learning, life skills and responsibility to their trainees to help them gain the skills, attitudes, education and experience to be successful in the workforce.  They offer tutoring and assistance to help their workers get their GED’s (when applicable).  They train them in the workplace and in life skills.  They are able to work there for a year and then PIP helps them find a job through their job referral and internship programs. And what was particularly great about the whole evening was that our food was really good.  I would venture to say that our steak hoagie (above) was even better than LaRosa’s!  And we sampled their pizza and it was mighty tasty too – thin crust with the perfect amount of sauce. So when you’re downtown and want a great piece of pizza or a steak hoagie… consider helping the area out and support Venice on Vine. Venice on Vine is located at 1301 Vine Street in the Gateway Quarter

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