Day 332 – Valley View Nature Preserve

It’s Day 332 of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and today we’re featuring The Valley View Nature Preserve in Milford. valley view nature preserve milford ohio Valley View is a free 130 acre nature preserve with approximately five miles of walking trails.  It is incredibly private and once you’re back on the trails you’re likely to not see another sole.  We were there on a Saturday afternoon and the only other person we saw was a volunteer mowing the paths.  The trails are mown grass (no pavement) that meander through valleys and lightly forested areas.  The grounds are gorgeous. valley view nature preserve milford ohio The land that Valley View sits on was owned (and farmed) for more than 200 years by various Milford families (Gatch, Laudeman, and Craver).   The Valley View Foundation now offers that same farming land to the community.  Your family or group can “rent” a garden plot and enjoy the rich soil that has been farmed at Valley View for years (see their site for info, link at the bottom of this post). While we were hiking we noticed they have beehives in the prairie fields.  We were able to get relatively close to see them.  The hives were swarming with activity. valley view nature preserve milford ohio valley view nature preserve milford ohio   Valley View offers guided tours of the land / property. Their site says that small group guided walking tours, bird hikes and hay rides are available upon request.  The site mentions they can accommodate 20 to 30 people on our hay wagon and give tours that last about 60 minutes (donation of $150 is appreciated for group hayrides to cover the equipment costs and staffing).  See the Valley View site for all the details. valley view nature preserve milford ohio You should know this is a “bare bones” facility.  There’s no bathroom facility of any kind.  The trails are well maintained and easy to follow but there was no map to be found other than a laminated one at the entrance  (and that one was falling apart).  They do have a spot for picnicing (as seen above) but there’s no running water of any kind.  Not a problem at all – just thought you’d like to arrive knowing that. Valley View Nature Preserve is located at 5330 S. Milford Road

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