Adventures at the Unmuseum / Contemporary Arts Center

We hope you’ll enjoy this piece from one of my favorite IG’ers, @rubyandfrances!

Our Contemporary Arts Center here in Cincinnati is such a gold mine, and every time we visit or share about it — I find so many others chiming in, “we love that place!” and “one of the best spots in the city”.

Crafting at the Unmuseum within Contemporary Arts Center

This week, we decided to go on Thursday for their toddler time crafts and yoga — we were blown away, and the chimes of “this is our favorite Cincy event to attend” rung throughout the (coolest ever) building.

Kids crafting at the UnMuseum

This was our second time visiting, and it was even better than the first. We always park under Fountain Square, which is the only fee as admission to this incredible museum – all 6 floors of it – is FREE (note: if you choose to do the art activities mentioned below, there is a small fee for that part). I mean, how amazing is just that?

@RubyandFrances walking to the Contemporary Arts Center

And you guys, this is no regular museum; I don’t think I would take both girls to a “regular” museum, at least not yet, or without another several accompanying adults and maybe a tranquilizer. I kid. But, while there is definitely some cool stuff to see throughout the exhibitions on floors 2,4 and 5, what we love most is the UnMuseum on the 6th floors. They even *encourage* things other museums would loathe. 

The UnMuseum is truly hands on for kids

A few pics from the other floors before I get to, for us, the pièce de résistance. We most enjoyed the wonderful colors and beauty on the 4th floor, and while we were upstairs crafting we heard about some cool stuff on the 5th floor – like the artist who attached lights to pigeons and made beautiful art as they flew through the sky. I was thoroughly intrigued, but it was mostly over the girls head. Get it? I had to. 

Taking in the colorful art at Contemporary Arts Center
Art at CAC
Colorful fun at UnMuseum

Okay, so upstairs and the UnMuseum. There is so much to see and do, play on and interact with. It is a consistent family friendly space, and you could never be bored.

Family friendly play at the Contemporary Arts Center
Play with light at the Contemporary Arts Center UnMuseum

Then on Thursday’s they hold the most incredible craft time, and we like to consider ourselves a bit of experts, art snobs even at age 2 and 4, spoiled by a mom who can be a bit extra, and an extra overzealous grandma. But, at the CAC they had *three* separate activities kids could move between as they chose; they had multiple helping hands and watchful eyes.

Watercolor Paints
Painting at the Unmuseum's Art Play

And everything was simply top notch: from the gorgeous set-up, to the instructors, right down to the quality of the watercolor palettes. The day we were there, Cincinnati Zoo was also there showcasing some of their cutest flying friends to accompany the craft theme. (Each week is different and you can see it on CAC’s site). 

Getting ready for crafting

My personal favorite part of the experience was the after class yoga. The teacher was so engaging, the girls were all. in. And honestly, all the kids were! Moms were just sitting at a distance chatting with each other. I’ve never seen such a beautiful site.

Yoga at the UnMuseum
Yoga at the Unmuseum

And you guys, let’s not forget this is all on top of an actual multi-floor art museum and the perfect playground/unmuseum.

Selfies at the museum

My only complaint is that we can’t go to these magical Thursday mornings during the school year but man are we glad to have gone this once. So, go ahead and put this on your radar for next, and every, Thursday – the Art Play is a must.

Please Play! at the UnMuseum

Let’s flood them with so many interested parties they have no choice but to add a second time each week 🙂 .

Shark girl and side eye

Oh, and people without kids – don’t forget to enjoy the mouthwatering everything at Fausto, located in the first floor lobby. They have dinner service starting soon and it looks to be simply amazing. 

The Contemporary Arts Center is located at 44 E. 6th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Find out more about the UnMuseum here.

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