Day 213 – Trammel Fossil Park

It’s Day 213 of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and today I headed out to explore at Trammel Fossil Park. trammel fossil park sharonville ohio I enjoyed a bit of “Indian Summer” today with the highs being in the mid-60’s… such a treat in November!  It was a gorgeous day to be outside.  I headed out to a public “fossil park”.  What is that, you ask?  It’s a park that welcomes explorers and encourages you to take home your fossil findings. trammel fossil park sharonville ohio Trammel Park was built in 2003 on land owned by the Trammel family.  R.L. Trammel, a developer, donated this 10 acre plot of land to the city of Sharonville to allow people to freely explore the land, land that is FULL of fossils.

trammel fossil park sharonville ohioThe park has some great informational signage that tells you about fossils in general AND the fossils you’re likely to find onsite.

trammel fossil park cincinnati ohio

In addition to the signs at the foot of the hill, they’ve marked the hillside with signs that specify the area of bedrock.

trammel fossil park sharonville ohio

The park is absolutely free (no permit needed and no admission fee) and is open dawn to dusk.  People from all over the United States have come here to hunt for fossil treasures.

trammel fossil park sharonville ohio

The City of Sharonville states on their site that there’s also a trail that leads to a hilltop view of Cincinnati.  I am sorry to have missed that and will return to check it out, especially while the trees are bare and the air is clear.

There is a water fountain and a few picnic tables but there are no restrooms.  Wear sturdy shoes as the hill is (of course) rocky with uneven pavement.  You might want to bring bags for your treasures too.

Trammel Park is located at the end of Tramway Drive (off Hauck Rd.)

And if you want to make a day of it, here are some great places that are very close by: The Rootbeer Stand Sharon Woods (Ham. Co. Park sticker needed to enter – but it’s cheap)

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  • This is so funny. I live about 2 miles from this place, and didn’t know it existed! Thanks for sharing. I’m heading over there today with my grandson to enjoy this Indian summer weather!

  • Took my boys to Trammel Fossil Park today – last day of Christmas vacation and then back to school tomorrow. They LOVED IT! We had a blast. Only thing I didn’t plan well for was the mud. We wore rubber boots – which was the right idea, but next time, I will bring extra shoes for them to change into at the end and a cardboard box or trash bag for toting muddy boots back home so the inside of the car doesn’t get dirty.

    It was a perfect spot to spend an hour or two – even on a chilly day if you dress properly. McDonalds along with a bunch of other restaurants is right up the road in case of potty emergencies or fossil-hunting-induced hunger. When the weather warms up, we’ll bring a picnic lunch. Digging tools aren’t necessary – young children can find plenty of fossils just lying around on the hillside, however, next time, we will bring a couple of hand trowels and maybe a mallet and chisel or spike of some sort for the older boys who want to try to break a piece of rock open.

    Thank you so much for posting – it made our day!!

  • Wow! This place almost borders my subdivision and no one ever told me about it. I found money, a bone , a geo cache , and some fossils —what a great day!!!

  • Thanks for the idea. Was planning a trip to the zoo but they close early. This may be a good replacement for my 5yo when I pick her up from school today!

  • Do they dig up more area for people to look for more fossil? I would imagine that many people have been here and many of the fossils are gone.

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