Day 5 – Five Guys Burgers on Tylersville

Today you will find ” 365 Things to Do in Cincinnati” at the Five Guys Burgers and Fries on Tylersville Road (West Chester).  I’ve heard great things about Five Guys and, being the burger lover that I am, I finally made the stop.  And I will say that Five Guys Burgers  lives up to all the hype.

five guys staffBefore I go on about the actual burger, I must say that what impressed me the most was the staff.  These guys (and girl) were a great bunch.  They were friendly to the customers (even a guy in line with me mentioned it) and they obviously have a good time together.  They got the whole crew together and let me take their picuture…

Seriously, the owner and/or manager of this place should be very proud of putting such a fine crew together!

front five guys west chester

This particular Five Guys is relatively new.  It has plenty of seating indoors plus a nice seating area outside.  No one was outside today.  What was up with that?!
patio seating five guys west chesterAs you might expect, this place is all about the burger.  They have hamburgers and cheeseburgers – made however you want it.  They have a list of toppings that you can put on your burger – everything from the usual (ketchup, mayo, etc.) to peppers, A1, grilled onions and grilled mushrooms.

five guys west chester burger and fries

What I love is that they have a regular burger and a “little” burger.  I often find that restaurants feed me WAY too much food.  I ordered the Little Cheeseburger and the size was perfect (and I didn’t feel like I was eating from the kid’s menu).  The fries were great and you get a TON so don’t order the big one.  My small could have easily fed three.  And if you’re curious, I had my “LCB” with lettuce, grilled onions and A1.  It was mighty tasty!

And if you’re hungry when you arrive or have a particular hankerin’ for peanuts, you can pick up a tray of nuts when you walk in.  They’re just waiting for you!

five guys west chester peanuts

So what’s YOUR favorite combo from Five Guys?

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  1. Used to live in Alexandria, Va near the original Five Guys. Best burgers you will ever eat. Very much like homemade, grilled burgers you grew up with as a kid. Great taste, excellent meat. ALWAYS garden fresh condiments, and the fries?? My God- more fries than you could eat in one sitting, and very well prepared. I am so happy Five Guys has made it to Cincinnati. So good you could eat there everyday, and not pricey at all. Best taste, and great value. I love burgers, and five guys IS the best. I’ve had Quatmanns, the turf club place, and all the others- no comparison. Five Guys rules them all.

  2. There has been so much hype about 5 Guys and I just don’t get it, I thought it was okay, but nothing spectacular. Granted, I can not speak for the burger and I recognize that this is a major reason for their popularity, I actually think a major pitfall is that they don’t have a variety of burgers, for example, no veggie burgers so Vegetarians like myself can only choose from their veggie or grilled cheese, which is great, but if you want to be known for your burgers…..I also disagree with their variety of toppings, they have good options, definitely more than most, but I don’t find it to be that impressive. Including variety and other options can only increase your business as it attracts a wider customer base. Metro Burger is another great burger place that allows you to choose from numerous burger options, regular, cheeseburger, turkey, veggie, even chicken sandwiches, lots of bun options, you want it on a pretzel? No problem! Their toppings are incredible, who else offers sun-dried tomatoes, roasted red peppers, and pineapple? You even have a choice on fries, regular or sweet potato, even the choice of onion rings or fried dill pickle chips. Now that’s a burger place that needs to make its way to Cincy.

  3. When you go to a place called Five Guys BURGERS and Fries, you really cannot expect very much to be on the vegetarian menu. Its kind of mean to go to a place and speak of it badly, just because you chose not to eat the type of food they serve there.

    Anyway, I went there with a group of around thirty people, and they were very accommodating and patient with us. Considering we all smelled like old pool water, I would say the service is amazing! Recommended to anyone and everyone who loves good food!

  4. i went to five guys after our state final rugby game. i swear i was in heaven. the bacon cheese burger with bbq sauce. omg. words cant explain. then the large fried season fries. omg. i mean. i really cant say what an experience they made for me. the food is deliciosu. never had a hot dog from there. but if its as good as their burgers then other restaurants needs to stop.

  5. LOL at the idiot vegetarian criticizing a BURGER joint after admitting he didn’t eat the BURGER. Maybe you should go criticize a veggie burger joint. At least then you may have a dog in the fight.

  6. Um, Stacey, “if you want to be known for your burgers,” well, you make BURGERS!! Not imitation burgers, REAL burgers. Please. Since you said the veggie sandwich was good, why didn’t you concentrate on that, instead of putting down a BURGER place for making REAL BURGERS?

  7. My husband, son, and I all went to Five Guys for the first time this past summer when the Mason-Montgomery location opened. My husband is a very difficult person to impress food-wise…after our meal at Five Guys, everytime someone mentions the place, he gets this googly-eyed expression on his face and he starts to drool. (just kidding about the drool…) We are a family of large appetites, and we are more than satisfied with a little burger for each of us, and a single small order of fries which is plenty for the three of us to split.

    I love the mix of toppings that come “standard” on burgers…just absolute messy goodness! The fresh-cut fries are to die for, and the free peanuts are really nice, because when I am always one ravenously hungry chick when I hit the front door of a restaurant!

  8. Greasy burgers and overly greasy fries. No thanks, I’ll spend my money elsewhere. Taste was just average, not great, and very greasy to boot. Not good.

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