Sycamore Park and Wilson Nature Preserve

It’s Day 23 (Year 2) of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and today I ventured east to visit Sycamore Park and the accompanying Wilson Nature Preserve.

clermont county park district sycamore park and wilson nature preserve

After a night of frost and with another one on its way, I decided today would be a great day to get out to a park.  We won’t have too many more of these days, you know?!  I had a meeting on the east side of town so I hopped online and looked for an interesting park in Clermont County.  I decided on Sycamore Park because it had an adjoining nature preserve.  And it was a good choice – read on folks!

Don’t let the name fool you – Sycamore Park is NOT in Sycamore (at least not this park).  It is in Batavia.  Sycamore Park is not only Clermont County’s oldest park, it’s also its largest (spanning well over 100 acres with the nature preserve included).   The park itself has three large shelters (very, very nice ones) with lots and lots of picnic table space.

They have a great playground with what appears to be very new play equipment.  There’s a big climbing structure, lots of swings, and the requisite play structures complete with a slide or two.

clermont county park district sycamore park and wilson nature preserve

The park also has a paved 5/8 mile walking trail that circles the park.  Want to get in a bit more of a walk?  Add on the trails at adjoining Wilson Nature Preserve for a total of four miles of hiking trails.

clermont county park district sycamore park and wilson nature preserve

The Wilson Nature Preserve can be found just past the “bathroom building” (not sure how else to describe it!  I was just glad to see they had them!).  Walk away from the entrance and towards the river (more on that in a minute) and you’ll see it on the right.

The Wilson Nature Preserve offers four trails, each with varying lengths.   I took the shortest one (short on time today) – the Wildflower Trail.  It took me through some forested areas and all along the East Fork of the Little Miami River (see the second pic, above).  This shorter trail was gravel at first and then it turned to a regular forest path (dirt covered by leaves).  It was a great place to spend an autumn day.  The leaves were gorgeous.

I will definitely pay another visit to this park.  I think the nature preserve would be gorgeous at any time of the year.  And the park itself is very well maintained, offers lots of parking and picnic areas, as well as lots of play space.  A true winner in my book!

Sycamore Park and adjoining Wilson Nature Preserve can be found at 4082 State Route 132 in Batavia.


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