Road Trip to Savannah, Georgia

Road trip fans – you’re going to love this one! We recently tool a whirlwind road trip to Savannah, Georgia.  We stayed for just a few days and only got out to see Savannah proper for one evening. But that one evening was spectacular and we packed a lot into just a few hours. Read on to see all that we did!

broughton street shops savannah georgia

We wanted to experience the city and hit up some “new to us” spots on this trip. You see, we’ve been to Savannah once before and hit the popular spots up on that trip (Paula Deen’s restaurant, a walking tour, Moon River, etc.).  This time we wanted to see Savannah more like a local.

riverfront in Savannah Georgia

My first thought was to send a tweet over to Amy Brock at Visit Savannah.  Amy lives in Savannah and she is the social media pro over at Visit Savannah (I’m sure she will hate that I called her a pro but she really is – she does a phenomenal job!).  I knew I could count on her to recommend some great places and she certainly did!  She sent me a long list and we headed out.

leopolds ice cream savannah georgia

My favorite stop (on Amy’s recommendation I should add) was Leopold’s Ice Cream. Upon entering, my first thought was that Leopold’s reminds me quite a bit of Aglamesis Brothers Ice Cream Shop here in Cincinnati.  It has a charming old world feel and it was the perfect place for a sweet treat.  Leopold’s was founded by Greek immigrants in 1919 (not unlike our own Skyline Chili!). This location is not the original shop but it does have  the original fixtures including the black marble soda fountain and wooden interior phone booth.  My daughter had a chocolate malt and quickly awarded it “the best chocolate malt I’ve ever had” award.  I had a waffle cone with coconut ice cream.  After being used to some great Cincinnati flavors and ice cream purveyors, I must say that Leopold’s is right up there with Graeter’s.

world of beers in savannah georgia

Next stop – World of Beers.  This place is quite the beer drinking experience!  They have tables outside and tables inside and tables upstairs plus a bar that runs from the front to the back.  And behind said bar?  An entire wall full of taps and beer refrigerators.  I failed to ask how many varieites of beer they have.  I would venture to say they had at least 100 taps plus all the beer you could dream of in the refrigerators. Sadly, I didn’t see any Hudy and had to have something else 🙁  Our uber-friendly bar tender posed for a picture with us…

world of beers in savannah georgia

And did I mention the best part about beer drinking in Savannah – you can order it in a “travel cup” and walk around town with it! That’s right – get your beer TO GO!

savannah georgia market

With beer in hand, we made our way into a few shops along Broughton Street.  One of my favorite stops in Savannah is the Savannah Bee Company.  Located at 104 West Broughton Street, this is their flagship store. The shop is so very charming and they capture the feel of Savannah perfectly in the decor.

savannah bee company honey

They offer a wide variety of honeys and all kinds of honey related products (lip balms, a body care line, gifts, etc.).  They offer honey tastings at the counter, led by a staff member who explains what you’re tasting.  They also have a number of “self serve” honey and honey-related items to sample at the counter. My favorite? A piece of honeycomb atop an apple slice and topped with Brie.  Yum!

savannah bee company honey

We popped into a most amazing and unusual home store – 24e.  My pictures truly don’t do this place justice and it’s a must see if you have even the tiniest interest in home goods and furniture pieces.  The shop is an eclectic mix of new and old – from sleek white leather recliners to a row of colorful old cash registers.  Don’t miss their INCREDIBLE one of a kind, locally crafted reclaimed wood tables.  TO DIE FOR… seriously!

24e design in savannah georgia

After we popped into a few shops, we decided to head down to Savannah’s riverfront area.  We took a stroll down River Street.  Lined with shops and restaurants and candy stores on one side and the river on the other, this is one stop you don’t want to miss! River Street is true Savannah – water, stone, gorgeous southern architecture, bands, locals, and tourists.

savannah riverfront
savannah architecture
savannah riverfront

I would not do Savannah justice if I failed to mention the trees and the squares that make Savannah famous.  In fact, it is the trees and the squares that helped make Savannah rank as one of the “10 Most Beautiful Places in America” (USA Weekend Magazine).  There are 22 squares and each one is different.  Most (perhaps all?) are historic in nature and feature fountains and statues along with markers which explain the history of each square.  And the trees! Oh, it is one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see.  The trip is worth it just for the trees. Seriously!

savannah georgia trees

I know there are sooo many things I’ve missed here and I’m sorry to cut you off here, Savannah.  But that means there will just have to be a part two… and perhaps a part three even!  We will be back!

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  1. What a great piece about my home town!!Of coarse I left there in 1961 returned a year for Viet Nam tour for my Air Force husband…We were there four years ago and really enjoyed our trip! We met at the Globe Drive Inn which has been gone for years I understand…I love Savannah and would be glad to read more!!

  2. very nice write up on my (now) hometown. Please come back and see us again!! and for those that have not been, come and see for yourself. Best times March/April weather in the 70’s, bugs are not to bad and the squares are filled with azeleas.

  3. Glad you enjoyed Savannah. I am a Cincinnati native who lives in Savannah. And I am the beer loyalty leader at World of Beer. It’s nice to see an article that represents my two homes.

  4. Thanks for such a great article! I’m a Cincinnati native, graduate of UC and have been living in Savannah for 15 years and couldn’t agree more about your observations….especially that you can’t take in everything this city has to offer in just a few days: history, nightlife, sporting events (minor league baseball, Rock and Roll Marathon, professional beach volleyball….) world class restaurants, St. Patrick’s Day parade, beautiful parks, farmer’s markets, Savannah Music Festival, SCAD Movie Festival, Food and Wine Festival, and of course the beach. You are also on target about Amy – one of the best in the business! Be sure to try the Strawberry and Tutti-Frutti at Leopold’s next time you’re in town!

  5. Thanks for mentioning 24e in your post Bridgett! Glad you had fun in Savannah, and that you loved the store as much as we do. Come back and see us!

  6. Hi 1@2. We asked our readership if they’d like to read about our other travels and we received a resounding “Yes” in reply. Thus, we will occasionally be posting about things to do outside of Cincinnati too. I hope you enjoy all of our posts but just in case you don’t want to read about anything but Cincinnati, we have assigned our travel posts into the “Travel” category to separate them.

  7. I just read your article on your recent visit to Opelika, AL. It was forwarded to me from an old friend and an Auburn University alumni. Great article. I also enjoyed the one about Savannah. If you happen to be in the Opelika area again, please spend some time and drive about 30 minutes to Columbus, Ga. There you may find numerous ways to spend the day. The first is just north of Columbus on Hwy 27. Do go to Callaway Gardens. Google it to get the facts about all there is to see in the park. A short distance from there is the Little White House, FDR’s. retreat in Warm Springs Ga. Back to Columbus for our new feature, white water rafting and finally, be sure to visit the Cannon Brew Pub in downtown..

  8. Great article! My wife and I are actually driving from Cincinnati (home) next week for a short vacation in Savannah (our first time there). We’ll keep these recommendations in mind! Thanks!

  9. Savannah is awesome..

    When buying your tour tickets.. Buy them from your hotel concierge . They can get them to you cheaper.

    When I was there in April. I purchased a city on and off tour for two days ( awesome because you can take the long tour , then the take it again and get off to visit sites longer for pictures) , then we had the haunted tour and a dolphin tour ( amazing!! ) all for $81!!!

    And when you can, go to Bonaventure cemetery. It is so beautiful. The oldest plots are in the far back section.

    Tybee beach was ok. Very busy. The light house is easy to get to. But among residential homes. So I felt a little awkward stopping and getting pictures.

    Leopold’s ice cream is more for atmosphere . The ice cream isn’t any better then most places like that. And you are usually in a long line waiting. Then you get your ice cream and move on. When I was there it wasn’t very clean in the seating area. So we just left and walked around and ate our ice cream. Which melts extremely fast in hot humid weather. Lol

    Also eat at the Pirate House. Yummy!
    Paula deans restaurant had good food. Not great food. I like Cracker Barrel better lol. I personally will not eat there again. Been there done that. If there was something special there that I had to have again . I would. But there isn’t. $19-20 per person for buffet, for an average meal, then you have to tip.

    MUST SEE!!! The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist ! So beautiful. And free for touring inside.

    And the city market area is lively and fun. Met new friends there. And keep your eye out for an older gent who loves his short shirts!! He’s known there for this. If he sees you checking them out . He will come over and ask you what you think of his shorts. Lol

    Beautiful city! We will be back!

  10. Savannah is so beautiful. I just moved to Tampa after being a resident of the beautiful historic district for 30 years. It will always hold a special place in my heart and of course will be making many trips back to see my many friends. Did I mention I am an Ohio girl – Middletown and Cincinnati?

  11. Jane, I’d love to follow in your footsteps! I am totally in love with Savannah and Tampa/Sarasota would be a very close second for me!

  12. Great article about visiting Savannah. I am a former Cincinnati resident now living in Savannah. Both cities are fabulous. However, I was happy to read that you thought Leopold’s ice cream was as good as Graeter’s. We have not been able to get any of our visitors from 513 to agree with that. As much as I love Graeter’s ice cream, I prefer Leopold’s!

  13. Great Article on Savannah! I am headed back in November for the Rock n Roll Marathon. Can’t wait my daughter went to SCAD and graduated 5 years ago. You forgot to mention Forsyth Park- Beautiful. River Street was always so much fun!

    Can’t wait to get back.

  14. I totally agree with you on Forsyth Park, Connie. We didn’t go to that park on our first visit but have been there on subsequent visits. It is now one of my favorite places to visit (and people watch!) in Savannah! And I agree with you on River Street too! The Rock N Roll Marathon combined with Savannah sounds like a great trip!

  15. I’m so happy you posted this! I also saw your photos on Instagram while you were there. My next trip will be to Savannah so I am mapping everything out. Still trying to decide to the best times to go when its not to hot and not to cold (October or April). If you have anymore info or tips on places to go, stay or see please share with me! I’m so excited!

  16. I cannot wait to visit Savannah! We are visiting from CT this summer and it will be my first time there. Thank you for the great recommendations.

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