Revolution Rotisserie

Rotisserie chicken is the star of the show at Revolution Rotisserie and Bar in Over the Rhine. Located on Race Street (very close to Music Hall and SCPA), this is sure to become one of Over the Rhine’s hot spots. Revolution Rotisserie in Cincinnati Revolution Rotisserie (and Bar – as they have a full one) is now open and rocking it! Like a number of other Cincinnati hot spots, Revolution Rotisserie got its start at Findlay Market. The owners spent a summer under a tent there, refining their menu and cooking those birds and quickly grew into a space that’s all their own. revolution rotisserie in over the rhine I recently popped into the restaurant for lunch. I was surprised to find that the place was really hopping. I was able to snag a spot at the bar and put in my order. Side note: you can order take out at the end of the bar, making this a GREAT place to stop on your way to Washington Park this summer. Ghandi at Revolution Rotisserie They have a number of different pita sandwiches, all full of their rotisserie chicken and “fixins”. I ordered the Ghandi – rotisserie chicken, BBQ sauce, coleslaw, smoked gouda, and jalapeno. I have to say I was a bit worried about the BBQ sauce in there but went for it anyway… and I’m glad I did. It was the perfect compliment to this sandwich. I wouldn’t change a thing (except, perhaps, to remove a few of those jalapenos). The menu features appetizers, sides, and salads as well. And they will put this onto a bed of arugula and field greens for you to make it gluten free. They also offer vegetarian options (substitute hummus, black beans, or extra veggies). punch at the bar of Revolution Rotisserie I did not partake from the jars of punch (it was lunch time after all!) but they certainly were tempting. These house made punch cocktails are available at the bar. They also have a few beers on tap, a large selection of canned and bottled beer, liquor, and wine. Revolution Rotisserie and Bar is located at 1106 Race Street Connect with Revolution Rotisserie on Facebook

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