Day 341 – Pho Lang Thang

It’s Day 341 of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and today we’re featuring the very yummy Pho Lang Thang. pho lang thang cincinnati What do you get when you pair a funky name with a great menu and some of the best Vietnamese food you can get here in Cincy?  You get Pho Lang Thang. Pho Lang Thang has a great spot at Findlay Market.  They are outside the big main building and in a shop of their own.  They’re located on the corner of the main walkway leading into the Findlay Market building – it’s really a prime spot for them. pho lang thang findlay market We went to Findlay Market after our tour of the nearby Rookwood Pottery.  We’d heard GREAT things about Pho Lang Thang and decided to give them a try for lunch. So, what did we have?  We started off with the fried spring rolls – a must have in my opinion.  They were small in diameter and chock full of meat (not all cabbage).  Incredibly good.  The hubby had the Banh Mi Thit Nuong (a Vietnamese sandwich) – He had Bo (beef), served up with veggies and cilantro on a French baguette with garlic butter mayo.  The meat was grilled after being marinated with lemongrass.  You can also order it with chicken or pork.  At just $6, this was quite a bargain! pho lang thang vietnamese cincinnati When you walk into the restaurant, you can place your order at the counter.  While you’re there you can see the “kitchen” and the line of what’s going out to the tables. pho lang thang vietnamese cincinnati That’s how I picked my lunch – “I’ll have that!”.  I ordered Bun Thjt Nuong – lemongrass grilled meat served on top of rice vermicelli noodles with do chua, lettuce, bean sproats, cucumber, fresh herbs and then topped with chopped peanuts and a side of dressing.  I had mine with chicken but yuou can also get it with beef or pork.  It was a huge salad.  I couldn’t finish it, leaving behind about half.  It was incredibly good as well, with everything being very fresh, crisp and tasty. pho lang thang vietnamese cincinnati You can order your food as carry out (we did that and enjoyed our lunch in the Biergarten) or you can eat outside and enjoy the hustle and bustle of Findlay Market.  They even deliver (by bicycle) to OTR and downtown (Tues-Fri 11am-3pm).  And they do have lots of seating inside the restaurant too… pho lang thang vietnamese cincinnati I can highly recommend Pho Lang Thang and will not hesitate to go back.  They’re open for lunch (Tues.-Sat., 11-6 and Sunday 11-4). Pho Lang Thang is located at 114 West Elder Street in Findlay Market Connect with Pho Lang Thang on Facebook  

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