Waitress The Musical Rolls into Cincinnati

Much like the pies that Jenna bakes, Waitress is sweet with an occasional dose of tart. That’s the perfect way to sum to sum this musical brought to us by Broadway in Cincinnati!

From the uber-talented cast to the beautiful voices to the comedic genius to the amazing score – this show has quickly made it its way into my short list of favorites.

Waitress the Musical comes to Cincinnati

The show centers on Jenna, an expert pie baker working at a small town diner. We quickly learn that Jenna, who is in an abusive relationship, is unexpectedly pregnant. This discovery sets off a mountain of feelings for Jenna. She knows she needs to leave her husband… but how?

Jenna is accompanied by her fellow waitresses, Becky and Dawn. Like Jenna, they also have something from which they need to escape. Becky is a stressed caretaker for her invalid husband. And Dawn, awkward and shy, is just simply HOPING for a relationship of her own.

Waitress the Musical in Cincinnati

The musical centers on Jenna as she navigates through her unhappy marriage, an affair with the town’s handsome new doctor, and the events that lead up to a baking competition that may just be her ticket out.

Jenna and Dr. Pommater in Waitress

And while the musical centers on a few heavy storylines, there’s a LOT of comedy and fun in the show too. In fact, there are a few scenes that had me in tears (the good kind!). Like this guy (Jeremy Morse as Ogie, below). I thought the crowd was going to give him a standing ovation after his big scene. Simply hilarious!

Comedic Genius at Waitress the Musical

The music! The music for this show was written by Sara Bareilles (you might know her from “I’m Not Gonna’ Write You a Love Song”) and it is SOOOO well done. You will LOVE the music. The stage includes a small platform that holds an in-house band, complete with a piano topped with pies. The musicians effortlessly wander on and off the stage, becoming an integral part of the story.

Trust me when I say this is one musical you DO NOT want to miss!

Waitress is at the Aronoff Center in Cincinnati, January 9-21, 2018

This is just one of the musicals that make up the 17-18 season for Broadway in Cincinnati. Find the rest of the season’s shows here.

Want to see some behind the scenes for Waitress The Musical?

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing some of the cast members.

I was surprised to find out that some of the pies on stage are real pies AND the dough that Jenna works on stage is actually pie dough! Which meant that Desi (who plays Jenna) had to know how to work with pie dough… something she had never done before taking on the role of Jenna.

Mom to the rescue! When Desi got the part, her Mom flew to New York to teach her to make pie. Enjoy these sweet photos of Desi and her Mom as they work with sugar, butter, flour…

Desi Oakley and Mom making pies

lattice top pies for Waitress prep

Desi Oakley and Mom making pies

Waitress is at the Aronoff Center, January 9-21, 2018

This is just one of the musicals that make up the 17-18 season for Broadway in Cincinnati. Find the rest of the season’s shows here.


We were provided with tickets to see Waitress for review purposes. Broadway in Cincinnati is also a sponsor for our site. All opinions are truly my own.

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