The Mt. Adams Reindog Parade

It’s Day 246 of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and today we went to the Reindog Parade in Mt. Adams.

reindog parade mt. Adams

A Mt. Adams tradition for the last 25+ years, this is a parade fit for the dogs.  Literally.  Admission to the parade is free.  The parade started at the Monastery in Mt. Adams and proceeded down the hill.

reindog parade mt. Adams

Seriously.  Have you ever seen anything cuter than this?  Dogs and their people dressed in Christmas regalia for a parade… so fun!  I have no idea how many people registered their dogs for the parade but the street was packed with paraders for about 20 minutes!

reindog parade mt. Adams

Some pups were in wagons or carts but most were happy to just hoof it.

reindog parade mt. Adams

We saw some of THE CUTEST pups and owners.

Need to have a tree delivered?  Call Jack.  Little Jack (below) was on a motorized bike pulling a tree and was all by himself!  I assume there was an owner with a remote control device somewhere in the vicinity.  It was so funny because the dog appeared to actually be driving himself down the road.

reindog parade mt. Adams

And I’ll leave you with this one…

reindog parade mt. Adams

Even the Grinchiest among us would have to say “awwwwww”!

The Mt. Adams Reindog Parade happens once a year in December


  • Just so everyone knows for this year (Christmas 2011):
    The Annual Reindog Parade has been a Mt. Adams tradition for 20 years!
    Come and join the fun! Admission is FREE* and Dog Registration is from 12pm-1:45pm at The Monastery, 1055 St. Paul Place, Town Properties.
    When: December 10th, 2011 2PM
    Where: St. Gregory St., Mt. Adams
    Grand Marshall: Hall of Famer & Announcer – Marty Brennaman

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