Minges Candy Shop

It’s Day 145 of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and what a sweet day it is!  Today we’re featuring the Minges Candy Shop.

minges candy cincinnati

Minges Candy Shop is Cincinnati’s oldest candy store.  Located right downtown, this shop sells a lot of candy packaged for wholesale distribution.  While their biggest clients are corporate, this sweet shop is open to the public as well.

minges candy cincinnati

The entire store is shelf after shelf of bagged candy.  My friend and I both walked in and exclaimed “woooow”. You’ll be surprised too, let me tell you!

Not only do they carry today’s popular candies  they also carry lots of old candy like the candy dots seen above.  And if you grew up in Cincinnati in the 70’s you might remember these as “Uncle Al candy cones”…

minges candy cincinnati

They also sell Pop Rocks, Caramel Bullseyes, old fashioned peppermint sticks, and a huge variety of French Chews.

And where else can you still get these?!

minges candy cincinnati

Yep – bubble gum cigarettes.  I can remember many a day running around with one of those hanging out of my mouth.  It’s a wonder I’m not addicted 🙂

And if there’s a baby in your future they have some very nice candy sticks to announce your new bundle of joy.

minges candy cincinnati

They have some of the biggest jawbreakers I’ve ever seen (even bigger than the ones pictured below).  I am positive that I don’t know ANYONE with a big enough mouth for those things!  Seriously!

minges candy cincinnati

They also have Skybars and Clark bars.  I don’t remember Skybars but they must be a big seller at Minges because it’s the first thing they pointed out to me when they told me they sell unique old brand candy.  I do remember Clark bars though – YUM!

minges candy cincinnati

Do you remember SkyBars???

I would highly recommend a stop at Minges candy.  They sell bulk candy but they also sell a few things individually.  And it would be a great place to pick up your Halloween candy!

Minges Candy store is located at 138 West Court Street (downtown)


  • SkyBars and candy dots are two of my favorite candies! My mom introduced me to SkyBars when they carried them in a vending machine at the Daytono Public Library, where we were both working at the time. They were popular when she was a kid, back in the 50’s and 60’s. I’ll definitely have to check out this store!

  • Wow, 365 did a great job with Cincinnati’s best kept secret. Thank you!!!! Everyone is welcome in this little shop. It’s true!!! The place is filled full of all sorts of sweet goodies. If you have a chance to stop, it’s definitely a “don’t miss this spot” kind of place. Open 9-5 Mon to Fri 10-3 on Sat.

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