Day 195 – Lytle Park

Today is Day 195 of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and today I went to Lytle Park downtown. Lytle Park is one of the Cincinnati Park District Parks and is located right downtown.  Lytle Park wasn’t actually in my plans today.  I actually was planning to visit the Taft Museum.  I parked on the street out front, got out and noticed how beautiful Lytle Park still is at this time of year.  Plans changed.  Since it’s still so nice out, I thought I’d throw in one more park to visit before it gets too cold to be outside… Lytle Park consists of a few long brick-paved corridors that run from one end of the park to the other.  The plantings along the way are gorgeous.  There are a number of benches all along the corridors, making this a great place to eat your lunch if you work downtown. Lytle Park spans over 2 acres.  The park is located on the original Lytle family homestead, built in 1809.  On one end of the park you’ll find an 11 foot tall statue of Abraham Lincoln, donated to the city by the Taft family. lytle park abraham lincoln statue Lytle Park is flanked by the Taft Museum on one end and the Guilford Building on the other end.  When you visit Lytle Park be sure to leave some time to walk around the surrounding blocks.  You’ll find some of the best architecture our city has to offer there. And a special note – You might notice that some of my pictures look like it’s still summer… and that’s because some of my pictures are from my Architreks Tour of the City (which went through Lytle Park).   Some of the pics just looked so much prettier with some greenery! And speaking of tours, doesn’t this look like fun?  It’s the Segway Tour of downtown… I had no problem finding a spot on the street (metered parking at $2/hour). Lytle Park is located at 500 East 4th Street, downtown

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