Keystone Bar and Grill

I recently met up with some friends at Keystone Bar and Grill and after what I experienced there I knew I had to share it on “365 Things to do in Cincinnati“! Some of you have known this for a long time…. but just in case you’re like me and have yet to experience it, you’re in for the best mac and cheese you’ll ever find at this place! keystone bar and grill mac and cheese They serve up all kinds of mac and cheese.  Their menu actually has an entire page dedicated to it.  I ordered up the “The BBKing” Mac and Cheese which was macaroni and cheese with bacon and grilled BBQ chicken.  The cheese was rich and creamy (as I’m sure you can tell from the pictures – try not to lick your screen!).  The chicken chunks were abundant and tender.  And there was no shortage of bacon in this dish. keystone bar and grill mac and cheese And this isn’t a side dish mind you – it’s a full blown meal.  In fact, there was so much of it that I took half home and split that into two more lunches!  Amazing!  And if you go on Mondays, it’s half price mac and cheese day (dine in only)! When it’s warmer outside, you can enjoy the outdoor seating that surrounds the Covington location.  It’s located just south of the Roebling Bridge, a very nice little spot to sit outside.  And indoors they have quite a few spots for dining – some near the bar…. keystone bar and grill and some that are in a separate dining room. keystone bar and grill These pictures are all from their Covington location.  They also have a location in Hyde Park and in Clifton too. The Keystone Bar and Grill is located at 313 Greenup Street in Covington, Ky Connect with Keystone on Facebook 

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