Day 7 – Japp’s Since 1879

It’s Day 7 (Year 2) of “365 Things to do in Cincinnati” and today we’re featuring our visit to Japp’s. Japps since 1879 with Molly Wellman cincinnati bars Japp’s is a new downtown bar but, as the “Since 1879” part of the name implies, this new bar has adopted the building’s century-old name.  Japp’s was originally a hat and wig shop years ago.  Over the years the spot has changed hands a few times (there used to be another bar in this same spot ,also called Japp’s – go figure).  But I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this version of Japp’s will be around for quite a while… thanks to this girl….
Japps since 1879 with Molly Wellman cincinnati bars
Molly Wellman
That’s part owner and ball of sunshine – Molly Wellmann.  Molly is one of the nicest people you’ll ever want to meet…. the kind of person that doesn’t know a stranger.  She brings her personal style and flair to Japp’s, mixing up craft cocktails like no one else can.  She has a true passion for “old school” cocktails and she has an innate ability to guess what you’d like to have – even if you have no idea yourself!  I told her to surprise me, that I’d drink anything. Japps since 1879 with Molly Wellman cincinnati bars So she got to work in creating my drink.  Molly made me a Gimlet, a drink with gin and Molly’s housemade lime cordial.  The drink came in a lovely martini glass with a slice of lime on the rim.  And although I am not a gin drinker ordinarily, this drink was perfect for me.  It had a very light lime flavor, a perfect compliment to the gin. Japps since 1879 with Molly Wellman cincinnati bars And while I could go on and on about Molly, I probably should mention some things about Japp’s right?  I really can’t put it any better than they have over on their website… “classic cocktails of the 1700′s through the 1950′s, innovative new craft cocktails featuring fresh homemade ingredients, premium coffee beverages, and a wide selection of bottled craft beers. No blaring televisions, no ear-splitting Top 40 music, no jello shots. Just the finest drinks at affordable prices in a relaxed setting.”  That truly is Japp’s in a nut shell! Japp’s is right on Main Street in Over the Rhine, one of our city’s prettiest places.  The architecture in this area is simply stunning so be sure to arrive before dark if you can – just to take in some of the buildings. Japps since 1879 with Molly Wellman cincinnati bars The beautiful architecture and vintage charm continue on inside of Japp’s.  Look closely behind the bar and you’ll notice that the cases from the old hat and wig business and the same cases that now serve to hold the bar’s liquor.  The wood cases, ceiling tiles, lighting and overlays are simply gorgeous.   To think that these elements have survived 130 years in the same spot is mind blowing. Japps since 1879 with Molly Wellman cincinnati bars Japps since 1879 with Molly Wellman cincinnati bars Japp’s offers all kinds of craft cocktails, beer, mixed drinks, etc., etc.  They also have a rather large coffee bar in the back.  Seating includes numerous tables and of course you can sit at the bar that spans the length of the room.  Soon they will be opening a patio for outdoor seating as well. Japp’s Since 1879 is located at 1134 Main Street downtown Connect with Japp’s on Facebook   

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